Govt Response to Naxal and LOC attacks before 2014 And Now

Be it Naxal or Pak Army attacks at LOC and mutilation of Indian soldiers and repeated denial to take onus, incidents are similar. What changed is dates and Govt. Before 2014 we had a Prime Minister who would not speak on anything at all and whosoever spoke on behalf of the govt would either condemn or strictly condemn horrifying attacks by Naxals on CRPF jawans or Pakistan Army attacks. We also had incidents before 2014 when Chinese army entered Indian lands. Govt, then, either kept shut or condemned or strictly condemned such incidents.

With the PM Modi led BJP govt nation had the assurance, be it internal terrorists called Naxals, external Pakistan promoted terrorists or Pakistan and Chinese army, enemy, would be scared to dare India. And if at all they dare, PM Modi will give a befitting reply in response. Few incidents within the first 2 years of the BJP regime did assure that the present govt can answer China and Pakistan well by giving them the taste of their own medicine.

But, eventually, the number of attacks on LOC has increased by Pakistan, China has started flexing muscles yet again daring India on all fronts. The present govt which was not only vocal but has retaliated as well in the recent past to these neighbours has now started playing the same old card of Condemning and Strictly Condemning ! Even naxals have been aggressive as ever.

Condemning would not bring CRPF jawans killed by Naxal’s back. Condemning will not stop Pakistan’s coward army from mutilating bodies of Indian soldiers. Condemning will not stop China from playing dirty politics and claiming Kashmir to Kanyakumari everything as Chinese territory. And after all, if condemning was to be done, then what is the difference between the govt of Congress and the govt of BJP ?

cartoon on Modi govt response on naxal attack n pak army mutilating Indian soldiers




Cartoon on Sonu Nigam Vs Azaan

Singer, Sonu Nigam tweet about Azaan waking him up in the mornings has become a buzz word on social media. Some calling it publicity stunt. Some calling it genuine issue. Some feel Sonu Nigam is right as he is talking about the ‘decibel rules’ – the noise pollution norms of the nation being rejected because of early morning Azaans.

No matter what, the way the point was put across cannot be appreciated as it sounds rude and demeaning. All the more, with BJP government taking over states and nation in polls, some feel it is indirect way of imposing ‘Hindutva’ on minorities ( muslims, mostly ).

More so, because in the name of faith all parties in India take law casually and the administration normally avoids hurting ‘public sentiments’. So that is the way it has been continuing and surely shall remain so as to avoid social media clash of clans, at least. Blaming followers of any one faith is partiality for sure. 

This is a matter of self-consciousness for individuals, leaders of faiths and the society as in whole to realize where to draw lines. The followers of faiths should also respect the atheists in the nation as they might get bugged up by sounds of Azaan and Aarti equally, who knows. And India gives equal rights to them too.

On a lighter note, what Sonu Nigam can do now is he can start doing ‘riaz’ during the hours of Azaan to keep his hands occupied on harmonium and not on mobile to tweet. Will solve the issue, if at all it is. Again it is just a suggestion!

cartoon on sonu nigam tweeting against azaan,

What’s your take on this ?

Cartoon on Vijay Mallya arrested in London gets bail

Alleged to have defaulted bank loans in thousands of crores, Mr Vijay Mallya, the liquor baron from India had left for the UK last year, sensing trouble in air. He is also wanted in case of money-laundering. Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines flopped badly and now he owes banks approximately Rs.9000 crores.

He was voluntarily arrested by the Scotland Yard today and within 3 hours he got bail so people thinking that he would be extradited are living in fool’s heaven. He is powerful enough to dodge such extradition attempts and surely has done all his homework before leaving homeland as to how he would be legally protecting himself once he leaves India.

Its a failure on the part of Indian govt(s) and sends a very wrong message to society if people run away with bank’s money and freely lead a happening life in some other country. Well, as of now, the king of good times is having good time in the UK and there is no coming back home, anytime soon.

cartoon on vijay mallya arrested n gets bail

Cartoon on sufferings of Army Jawan

It all started with a video going viral about Inferior quality food served to soldiers, made by a jawan.. then video on how jawans were made to do house work of seniors and now CRPF jawans being heckled by Kashmiri commoners returning from bypoll duties.

cartoon on sufferings of Indian armed forces

Will the Real Bhaqt Please Stand Up ?

This is not the usual ‘silent’ UPA govt which was popular to condemn and condemn strictly and condemn only when Pak would kill Indian jawans. It is disappointing to notice that the nationalist govt under the leadership of PM Modi is yet to take any stern action favouring the army jawans who risk their lives to save the nation from enemies.

This is the least expected from BJP govt. The nation which has been supporting the party and PM Modi may have had questions too on mind when such videos surfaced previously. Soon there were news the army jawan who complained about food quality was detained and tortured by BSF. Conspiracy theories cannot be denied behind all these allegations but at the same time there is no smoke without fire.

We may be supporting any political party in the nation but when it comes to the armed forces we should stand united in their favour because it is they who are doing the ‘tough’ job of ensuring we breathe in free air. Not including likes of Omar Khalid, Kanhaiya Kumar or Gurmeher as they have declared they still need azadi.

Seeking answers on these topics one should not fear that his / her bhaqt status would or should be questioned. Bhaqts are pro-nation and so is the army and so a bhaqt has a bigger responsibility to question the welfare of another set of bhaqts standing on LOC.

A lot of us may have heard our PM Modi making a pledge to citizens to stand up in respect of Indian army wherever we get to see them. Felt good ! He made so much sense. Like me, I am sure, many would have started standing in respect and thanking the army jawans when they get to see them around.

Is standing in respect of army when we see them, is all ?

But is that all ? Who will address their concerns ? Who will stand by them when they have issues ? Bollywood movies have shown many a times, that a soldier is not expected to crib about situations. A popular dialogue from the movie ‘Prahar’ of Nana Pateker – ” Mushkil Waqt. Cammando Saqt. ” made me feel it is so much different to be in the armed forces than to lead a common citizen’s life. Now I guess, I know the difference. We can shout when in pain. If they do it will be considered violation of code of conduct of army, I presume.

Do rectify me, if you feel, I am wrong somewhere.


In Cartoon | Indian Politics in first quarter of 2017

The first quarter of 2017 has witnessed yet another noticeable change in the political ambiance of the nation and the mood of the voters. With the saffron continuing its invasion around the nation, there is no stopping them. To add on, weak tactics by opponents are adding to the following of BJP.

Fourth month in 2017, few noteworthy things in Indian politics are worth mentioning here :

BJP’s massive win in UP

The alliance of Congress and SP led by son Akhilesh Yadav lost heavily to BJP and Mulayam Singh’s words , father of Akhilesh and master politician of all times, came true. BJP over threw all the parties to make a majority govt in the most sought after state Uttar Pradesh. The BJP was eyeing this state most desperately.

This win has clearly hurt if not killed caste based and minority vote politics. The weakness of regional parties and their inability fetch votes on the basis of merits is visible. With Uttar Pradesh, which plays major role in making and breaking govts of the nation, one thing is clear. The political scenario is changing big time in India.

Left Vs Right Vs Media again!

Gurmeher, a new name erupted seeking ‘liberation’ to support people like Omar Khalid who are seeking liberation of Kashmir from India and consider Afzal Guru as martyr. As always, the media channels which supported Kanhaiya Kumar and Omar Khalid gang, last year, despite they going anti-national, were seen defending Gurmeher – the daughter of an martyr army man for not being allowed to be free enough to say “Not Pakistan but War killed my Dad”.

Nothing wrong in it. One has personal views and should be respected but the real issue was that she alleged she was manhandled by BJP supported ABVP students while she was going to attend seminar in another college where Omar Khalid was going to speak.

Omar Khalid is being heard ? He is allowed to speak and roam free despite enchanting anti-national slogans, is that not enough freedom given by the govt ?

People like Gurmeher and Khalid need freedom to speak even when it hurts sentiments of people who are pro-nation. When they get reactions from these pro-nationals they cry fowl. Even a self-proclaimed patriot has freedom to counter back.

Left supported propaganda in universities of the nation ensure some people come to limelight ( for limited time, of course) against the might of BJP’s brand ambassador – Modi. With such acts, in today’s political environment, left parties are digging the last layer of their political grave. More and more people are finding their agendas as anti-national and their thoughts non-visionary.

Cribbing Opposition depicts lack of introspection

Delhi CM, Kejriwal has been shouting EVM machines were being hacked and rigged and that is how BJP has been winning in UP and other places. He has the tendency of shouting foul play for anything on earth going in favour of Modi. Rather than introspecting and coming up with better plans, most of the political leaders have demonstrated weakness in front of a well-planned and visionary group.  From Mayawati, the BSP supremo to Bengal CM and TMC supremo Ms Banerjee everyone yelled in unison with Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal making their position all the more weak. There is no self-remorse or introspection. No change in acts and rectification of mistakes being made by regional leaders. The panic on their face and actions are clearly visible. They seem to have given up lot ahead of losing in elections.

Ever increasing powers of duo Modi and Shah

Looks like, there is no stopping for BJP , Modi and his closest aide and party president, Amit Shah. BJP snatched back losing Goa and managed making govt in Manipur. Won Uttar Pradesh massively. After Assam, Manipur was the second state where BJP which was never big, made it real big.

While, PM Modi has continued to remain the star orator and performer of his party, the party president knows the permutation and combination games he needs to play to make it to power.

modi and amit shah cartoon

Seems like from Owaisi brothers to Nitish and Lalu to Kejriwal and Didi, everyone is losing political battle to BJP.

Three years of the BJP government is about to get over. Although, not great but change in administrative approach was surely visible. The ‘chalta hai’ Indian administrative system seems history now. Decisions are being taken by govt despite risks of losing public support.

We saw initiations of Jan Dhan Yojana , Swachh Bharat Abhiyan  , cleaning Ganga mission, surgical strikes against terrorists, strong approach towards China and Pakistan and demonetization, so far. Yes! lot of bans like beef, anti-romeo squad and illegal slaughterhouses and liquor shops, not to forget.

Some are still against Modi, a few are yet not convinced while quite a number have also added to the club of die-hard fans of Modi in the nation and abroad. 

To conclude, good thing that happened, since 2014, minority vote bank politics has suffered a major set-back which used to play a major role in dividing Indians on the basis of faiths they follow. And caste politics suffered in this UP election. The Indian citizens who were divided into faiths, states, castes, skin and what not are now majorly divided into to groups only – Pro-Modi and Anti-Modi.

pro modi and anti modi cartoon

Is the nation truly heading towards the ‘right’ path ? What’s your say ?


Cartoon on Racists and Fanatics attacking Humanity

Human beings are indeed animals and no matter how much we behave self-tamed the ‘wild’ inside shows up at frequent intervals.

Logic, common sense and humanity face brutal attacks and deaths quite frequently, all around the globe.  We are animals ready to attack not only out of fear but unlike most of other animals, also to showcase supremacy.

A few days back, an Indian techie from Hyderabad was shot dead in America as the shooter considered him ‘ threat’ to America because of his skin colour.

We Indians felt bad and insecure.

Few days after, we did the same. Few African students were attacked by separate mobs after the death of a teenager in Noida allegedly due to drug over doze.  Few  Nigerians caught for drug-peddling in the past became the reason all Africans became  soft target of the angry mob which considered every Nigerian was to be held responsible for drug-peddling.

Cartoon on racial attacks in world,

Basically, it was same response. Stereotypical ! White attacking Brown in the USA and Brown attacking Black in India. Attack out of fear and/or myth of supremacy.

By the time, we came in terms with racist attacks, a mob  of cow vigilantes decided to take law in hand, attacking “alleged” cow-smugglers and killing one of them.   

cartoon on Cow vigilantes kill alleged cow smuggler in Alwar, Rajasthan

Again, faith was held responsible for the act of showcasing supremacy and/ or the act of fear.


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In Cartoon – Yogi Raj in UP | Sena MP Vs Air India

#YogiAdityanath the new CM of Uttar Pradesh has taken quite a number of stern decisions and two ow which are #AntiRomeoSquad to ensure the public gardens of the capital of the state does not have loverbirds loitering around. Second is, shutting down illegal #slaughterhouse in the state. Mixed reactions on stern steps in initial phase of Yogi Raj from every where.

#AchcheDin for some and not for all. 😀

up illegal salughterhouse ban cartoon

UP antiromeo squad cartoon

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena’s MP, R. Gaikwad agitated with delay of Air India flight and no business class available in the flight ended up making #SlipperGate controversy when he picked up his sandal to beat up Air India official during heated altercations.

In return, Air India blacklisted him as a customer and canceled his ticket twice and also filed two FIRs against him.

Does someone recall  Ajay Devgn’s famous dialogue “Ata Majhi Satakli” ?? 😀


slippergate cartoon, gaikwad sena vs air india cartoonsena mp gaikwad vs air india cartoon

Attack on Democracy | ABVP goons vs Umar Khalid


It all started with much known “freedom seeker” Umar Khalid ( he wants India to free Kashmir) being invited to give lecture in Ramjas College on the topic “Culture of Protests”.

Seriously ???

Well!! Anyways, then entered the villains.

The ‘goons’ of BJP student union  did not allow this seminar and curbed the ‘right to speak’ (against the nation / in favour of terrorists / separatists ) of poor Mr Khalid who has been charged with sedition last year for raising anti-national slogans in JNU.

Come on !! How come people are supporting such curbing of rights ? Democracy.. man !! This is a free nation (where we could independence literally easy enough to take it for granted). I will do what I feel like as best. I will try to find freedom yet again in this country because there are people who are curbing my rights. 

They are curbing my rights. How ??Wait ! Let me think about it. Give me some time to consult leftists or Sagarika Ghose .

abvp vs umar khalid cartoon

They are not allowing me to speak against the country and against the army ( because of whom I, my family, friends and relatives with similar thoughts of seeking freedom, are sitting safe in the country).

What is this govt and its student wing upto ? How can they not allow pro-terrorists and anti-national slogans and curb our democratic rights ?

After all this is not some Middle-East country where freedom has a real meaning . What is this fake freedom in India ?

And yes !! They who speak against these freedom seekers like Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar are termed “bhaqts “ . Bhaqts, basically are slaves. Slaves of this nation called India. They do not want freedom of speech. Freedom to sit, eat and peacefully shit on  motherland because the army of the nation is protecting their “rights”.

And yes now new heroes are coming to raise voice against curbing of rights :

Introducing … daughters and sons of War Martyrs, the ones whom you can trust are supporting the ‘correct people’ because they have nationalism in ‘blood’. They can define and redefine “nationalism”, “democracy” and “freedom” .

Dare you ask why ???  (Arey bhai .. war martyr ke bachche.. by default pro-nation. )

Simple!! They were born to war martyrs.

And yes true democracy means you cannot speak against “freedom seekers” and ” sons and daughters of martyrs” even if they hurt your national sentiments. Period !