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Raj Thackeray’s cigarette supply stubbed out by nephew Aaditya ?

Yuva Sena, led by Uddhav Thackeray’s son Aaditya Thackeray, initiated a movement against shops and tapris selling cigarettes near school premises.Incidently, the first joint Yuva Sena targeted was Shaarda Paan Bhandar which is also the cigarette supplier for his uncle, Raj Thackeray,who is MNS supremo and Shiv Sena rival(Yuva Sena is a wing of Shiv Sena).

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Well,no matter how genuine the movement of Yuva Sena may be but what made them start with a specific joint from where rival party supremo and uncle,Raj, buys cigarettes ? ūüėČ


Sena Supremo praises Prashant Bhushan attackers !


Dancer Performing on Sheila Ki Jawani on the occasion of first anniversary of Yuva Sena, wing of Shiva Sena!

While addressing the Youth(Yuva) Sena , a wing of Shiva Sena, on the eve of the first anniversary of the wing, Bal Thakrey, the Sena supremo, via video-conference, praised people attacking Prashant Bhushan as he concluded that Bhushan was promoting divison of the country by stating that security forces should be withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir and a referendum be held to elicit the opinion of the people and they be convinced rather be forced to be part of India. He was supported by son Uddhav Thackeray. The Sena Supremo also claimed he would rather address the country as Hindustan than India, a name given by British.

Well, all these sound so patriotic and shows the strict discipline and principles, the Sena, abides by. This also justifies, why they have been¬†tarring faces of bar-girls , tearing explicit Bollywood postures and threatening couples , on valentine’s day !¬†¬†

Quite ironically , the same celebration, organised by Uddhav¬†Thackeray’s son, Aditya (leading Yuva¬†Sena) and attended by father Uddhav¬†Thackeray and Manohar¬†Joshi, experienced dance by performers, on Bollywood popular track -Sheila¬†Ki Jawaani¬†and many other Marathi ” peppy-tracks like Jalebi…”.

Reported later was ,¬† Aditya was scolded by the Supremo for allowing Yuva¬†cadres to enjoy, whistle and dance on “Sheila Ki Jawaani” and other tracks¬†, infront of¬† the Media , which was also invited .

  • Is that, the principles do not apply at home ?
  • Is patriotism for India, only expressed if¬† someone sounds Anti-Pakistan and prefers addressing the country as Hindustan and not India ?
  • Are we termed patriots, only if we do not celebrate and promote Valentine’s Day , which is termed “Western Culture ” by the Sena ?
  • Are the people supporting removal of¬† Security Forces and promotion of¬† talks with Kashmiri citizens, to eliminate the misunderstandings, they have,¬†against India , wrong ?