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Didi asks Vilasrao Deshmukh to reconsider SRK’s Wankhade Stadium Ban imposed by MCA for 5 years!

Vilasrao Deshmukh, Union Minister, Science and Technology and also the president of Maharashtra Cricket Association had visited Kolkata along with the Prime Minister. Mamata Banerjee (didi), utilized the opportunity to ask him to reconsider West Bengal’s brand ambassador and Kolkata Knight Rider Team co-owner, Shah Rukh Khan’s ban from entering Wankhade stadium(which is under MCA) for 5 years. Well, SRK deserves such favors from didi not only because he is the brand ambassador for the state but also because his KKR team won the IPL cup for the city 😉 !

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Inquiry on Union Minister,Vilasrao Deshmukh for shielding a friend?

Dilip Sananda,a Congress MLA from Vidarbha, had been lending money to farmers at high rates and he and his family was accused of harassment of farmers for loan-recovery.Retaliating to the harassment, one of th farmers tried lodging a police complaint against the MLA and Vilashrao Deshmukh,allegedly instructed zilla parishad officials not to take complaints against his friend.The farmer then took the case to Bombay High Court which stated against the state government and asked Deshmukh to pay a fine of Rs 25000.Deshmukh appealed to the Supreme Court which not only ruled against him but also imposed a fine of Rs 10 lakhs.The court has directed Marine Drive police to file a report after an inquiry,by June11.

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