Are Senas and Parishads more concerned about REEL life issues than REAL life issues?

On 1st March , Shiv Sena activists reportedly halted shotting of Ajay Devgn’s ‘ Tez’ on grounds that foriegners were included for some roles.Foreigners who work in Bollywood are under different associations.Well, they were being convinced somehow and shooting started therafter.

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Similarly, on 3rd March Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists halted shooting of Brad Pitt starrer movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ a movie on Osama. The crew came to Chandigarh to shoot. They wanted to represent Abbottabad on the screen, the city of Pakistan where Osama was killed, hence Chandigarh was chosen. This demanded some Shops addressed with Urdu Hoardings and some Pakistani flag being hoisted around the area to give it Abbottabad look. VHP activists protested this.

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What is so patriotic about these acts? Is Bollywood the only source of earning for Marathi Manus that foreigners be objected ? Why always Bollywood ? Is it not because it will make Headlines ? Why do activists portray patriotism, by halting shootings and disallowing Pakistani flags to be hoisted for the same ? Who are they impressing ? And how does these meaningless shooting halts help the common man, ‘ AAM ADMI’ ? The only thing it does is it brings a smile on our face when we read or watch such Parishads And Senas halting shootings, thowing chairs and pelting stones, for no reasons and just to come in limlight. Should we thank them for making us giggle on their acts? Interestingly, when MNS attacks the North Indians , no VHP or Bajrang Dal activists  utter a single word against this. Hope, the Senas and Parishads start understanding that at least Urban India is no more a fool and they do not buy these stunts anymore. Better start helpingt the common man-  AAM ADMI, for real. Else, who minds smiling on funny shooting halts and baseless road blocks ?

VHP activists halted shooting of Hollywood movie on Osama, in Chandigarh !

Brad Pitt’s visit to India for shooting Kathryn Bigelow’s movie on Osama bin Laden seems useless after  VHP activists halting the shooting at Chandigarh. The movie demands the view of Abbottabad,Pakistan , the city where the assassination of Laden took place, out of Chandigarh. Some shops required sign boards to be in Urdu and some Pakistani flags were being placed in certain areas to portray Abbottabad.

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The activists disallowed Urdu sign boards and Pakistani flags being hoisted and pushed and abused cameramen and also screamed slogans against Pakistan. The activists also made a formal complaint to the cops. Vijay Singh Bhardwaj, the leader of the activists declared Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) will never allow any part of Chandigarh city be portrayed as Pakistan.

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Sounds patriotic ? Well, may be it is for the political group which seems to be missing no chance to get to Headlines but the question is where were these guys when BJP ministers in Karnataka shamed the nation watching objectionable contents on the phone, while in the Assembly and where were they when the Karnataka Government was promoting Rave Parties in the sacred Coconut Island? Does this behaviour not give a picture of Indian narrow minded approach towards Pakistan which anyways is popular for being narrow -minded towards improving relations with India? Does it not depict to the foreigners that even Indians are equally hating to improve relations with neighbours? This does not mean Pakistan is a saintly neighbour but we have always been making better approaches, so far! Moreover, there are hundreds of places in several cities and towns of India where Pakistani flags remain hoisted 365 days a year and never do the self-proclaimed patriotic Hindu-Activist groups say anything. Why do they pretend ‘unknown’ about this ? After all, is it not all about portraying a city? How does it matter? Are we giving away Chandigarh to Pakistan as gift that the issue is being politicised ? Why our activists perform no activity on real-issues and remain active to make petty things, an issue ?