Not that big a Psycho

Jai Shankar aka Psycho Shankar who is serving 10 years term in one of the 28 cases on him related to ‘rapes and murders’ had managed to elope from a Bangalore prison climbing three 30 feet walls has been caught after 5 days of his run. Some say it was a tussle between the jail management people which let this escape happen and it is also found that out of 22 only 5 jail cameras were operative during the escape. There is a sincere doubt that some jail authorities were involved in the entire episode.A probe is, as expected, on. 🙂
Now,who is responsible for this arrest? Is it the team of cops or is it the common sense of a psycho ? 😀
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Chidambaram-No need to panic over rupee's fall

Union Finance Minister is asking people not to worry over rupee’s constant fall. With INR breaking its all time low every other day, the investors, both foreign and domestic are scared to put money in Indian markets.Someone can you please trust  P Chidambaram Saab. 😉    All is Well.. All is Well !! 😀
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Who will replace the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee ?

26th June is the scheduled date for Pranab Mukherjee to resign from Finance Ministry. At a time when our economy is in a shaky state and INR is unstable and has reached its lowest all-time value of 57 , who would be handed over the responsibility ?

Rupee falls to new all time low !

While the Finance Minister is about to quit on the 26th of the month and is busy collecting votes for his Presidential Poll, INR continues to fall against the US dollars to cross the all time low of Rs 57 !

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Rupee falling despite reduction in crude oil prices !

Follow article to find out the fact, why is the value of  Rupee falling down though the price of crude oil is lowest in the last 18 months