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Yuvi diagnosed Cancer ?

Get Well Soon Yuvi.

It has been reported that on 26th January 2012, Yuvraj Singh, the Indian Left-Handed batsman and all-rounder is undergoing chemotherapy in the Cancer Research Institute in Boston after being diagnosed with the first stage of cancer.In October a  non-malignant tumour was detected in his left lung, which made him declare his absence from Team India for at least 5 months.

Dr. Jatin Chaudhary his present physiotherapist has assured the cancerous tumor is surely curable as it is in the first stage and no surgery is required. The doctor also confirmed delayed detection of cancer was due to wrong diagnosis by Indian Hospital. It has been also assured , Yuvraj would be fully recovered by April and would be back in the game by May 2012.

Well, Cricket fans not only in India but all over the world would pray and hope to see the great athlete back in the Indian side and of course in IPL . He has been awarded Man of the Tournament in the last World Cup and has yet to achieve loads on the field. His being in the Indian side matters immensely.

The point of concern is about the Health Institutions of India as well. Wrong diagnosis has always been common reasons of concern in the country which has landed so many people closer to death. Not all can afford to go to the US to get cured. Are there any strict laws to punish the Health Institutions who risk lives by conducting wrong diagnosis ?


Sahara Pulls-Out its Sponsorship from Indian Cricket

Sahara on Saturday, February 4th 2012, ended its over 10 year old sponsorship tie-up with the BCCI on grounds of denial of flexibility in IPL rules.IPL chairman and senior member of the BCCI, Rajeev Shukla, declared the incident unfortunate and also indicated the show will go on.
Sahara owns IPL Pune franchise and has decided to pull-out itself from the upcoming IPL tournament.
Well, Indian Cricket Fans, habituated with the Sahara logo on Team India Jersy would surely miss Sahara.

IPL5 Auction Starts on 4th Feb’2012

On 4th February 2012 , bidding for IPL players would start in Bangalore and no Big Deal if in the forthcoming  T20 matches scheduled in Australia ,  witness Indian Bats swinging for good. Matches are to be held on 1st and 3rd of February on Sydney and Melbourne pitches respectively. These matches would have sure impact on the bidding process of Indian players who are enlisted in IPL and would be playing these 2 T20s as well. So miracles of India winning the T20s(at least one of the 2 matches) may happen as it is not the nation but the personal worth of the players of India which would be on stake.

Regardless,whether the players play for themselves or the nation, it is important that India wins. That would somehow bring back a little bit of  lost respect of  Team India which got shattered  in the Test Matches played with Australia and previously with England.