Spider Vs Man-Comic Strip

Yes its not Spiderman but Spider Vs Man !! If you like this comic strip of TakeLite 😉 Series then do thank the Spider which had to go through the mess to be a part of this post.
Statutory Warning: characters and the incident are factual and without any fabrication. The incident is just 5 hours old and the fight took place in the washroom.Had any of the characters been a celebrity the fight may have hit the Breaking News of our Hindi News Channels. Those who dare to watch those Channels know what I am talking about!! 
Hope , People , you all like it and bless me with your comments ! You know how greedy I am for comments and mostly nice ones 😀 .
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Vadra safe Gadkari in trouble after Kejriwal’s allegation

While,Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law,Robert Vadra,was given a clean-chit by the Haryana govt on allegations framed by IAC chief Kejriwal,on him.

BJP’s Nitin Gadkari,on the contrary,seems to be getting more and more into trouble after Kejriwal’s allegations of scams on him.