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Vijay Bahuguna to take oath as Uttarakhand CM despite Harish Rawat threat to resign!

Well, the latest news cleared that despite Rawat’s revolt against Party’s decision to make Bahuguna the CM, the Congress Party remained stable on the decision and Vijay Bahuguna is now going to take oath as the CM in Dehradun, as per schedule. Rawat and his supporters are not going to attend the ceremony.

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The Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Parliamentary Affairs, Harish Rawat, offered to resign from the Cabinet and wrote to Congress President Sonia Gandhi that he would like to work just as an ordinary worker,after Vijay Bahuguna was chosen to be the Chief-Minister over senior leaders, like himself. With rebels grown inside the party , Sonia Gandhi has called all the senior leaders and Vijay Bahuguna for a meeting in Delhi to sort the issue out. Rawat claims to be supported by 17 MLAs in Uttarakhand Assembly.

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Chances of solution seem distant if Rawat continues to be stubborn on being made the CM and if that happens it would not only be embarrassing for the Congress Party but also for Vijay Bahuguna.

Congress lost its pride-Rai Bareli And Amethi


Ayodhya shocked BJP after they lost it after 20 years to Samajwadi Party and similarly Rai Bareli and Amethi shocked Congress .Rai Bareli gave no result to Congress out of 5 seats in the constituency and Rahul’s Amethi managed 2 seats out of 5. Since the time Indira Gandhi , these two constituencies have been pride of Congress and SP thunder blew the hat of pride away!

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Congress lost Amethi and Rai Bareli-its pride since Indira Gandhi days



Sonia Gandhi refuses to disclose I-T returns ?

“The enactment of the RTI is the first significant achievement of the UPA government. This is the first single piece of legislation to ensure transparency and delivery by the government,” Sonia Gandhi had declared in a public rally in New Delhi ,  in March 2010.

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And now the same Right To Information Act seems to have created trouble for her where a Chennai-based RTI activist V Gopalakrishnan had asked for details of Sonia Gandhi’s  Income-Tax returns from 2000 to 2011. Revealing the same has been denied, as per sources. The Party is backing her by saying that these information are already with the Income Tax and other concerned departments and revealing such information in public may end up being misused.

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Well, it is the Congress which has always held its head high when it comes to taking the credit of RTI and that is worth praising but what is the point of such Act if it does not apply on all the Indians ? What does the party mean by using the word misused ? What is there in the return which if made public would be misused ? Is there any point of such Act which is partial ? Is it not moulding the Act as per convenience ? Why is Mrs Gandhi the special one in this regards ? If this be the case, all the political leaders may shy away from revealing facts in public by giving the same excuse of information may be misused !