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Pranab Mukherjee still not the UPA official candidate for the post of President ?

Meetings and discussions have so far failed to bring¬†consensus¬†among UPA allies as to who they would prefer to be the Candidate for President’s post and with every party trying to capitalize most out of the situation,it is probably Pranab Mukherjee, senior leader of Congress , who is left guessing,if he has any chance of shifting to Rashtrapati Bhavan. ūüôā

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Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee meets PM , Manmohan Singh over State Finance!

TMC¬†led by Bengal Chief Minister ,Mamata¬†Banerjee enjoys a prominent place in any major decision-making issue of the Central Govt. This time it the selection of the next President of India which brings her to play the important role . While the Congress wants to push its own candidate for the spot, it has to convince other parties including its allies to support it. So far, Pranab¬†Mukherjee¬†of the Congress is the most talked about candidate however, TMC’s¬†support in making him the president of India, is almost mandatory. Meanwhile, Ms Banerjee had a meeting with Manmohan¬†Singh on Bengal’s finance where the state is under huge debts from the centre. Well, it may be a possibility that Ms Banerjee may bag the deal of getting a waiver on previous loans from centre in return of her party’s support to Congress chosen President.

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Union Budget Session-Laughter in House over ‘Rollback’ ?

The speech of the Finance Minister,Pranab Mukherjee, was interrupted over trouble with the public address system, leading to a mild flutter and small protest hence Mukherjee stopped and checked his mike and asked the members if he should go over two paragraphs from his speech that he had already read out. One of the opposition member remarked that the finance minister was “rolling back” his speech.

Pranab Mukherjee smiled and answered, “Rollback of the speech, no problem,” and the House was full of laughter !

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Guess, how many of TMC members laughed on the joke cracked at them ?

Pranab Mukherjee reminds Congress allies to ‘Stand Together or Government will fall’!

Didi and top TMC leaders skip PM dinner invite!

After the top TMC¬†leaders skipped PM’s dinner with allies on Tuesday,today Congress Senior Leader , Pranab¬†Mukherjee¬†warned allies to stand together or the UPA¬†government may fall. Well, it may be targeted on TMC¬†supremo , Mamata¬†Banerjee, as she has been having continued differences with the Congress on quite a number of issues including NCTC¬†where TMC¬†has been demanding amendments!

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Although,TMC has cleared that they do not wish to destabilize the UPA , it seems the difference of opinions between Congress and TMC is widening more with the advent of time.