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Congress disrespecting poor-Mayawati

Former UP chief minister , Mayawati , criticized Congress and its leaders for commenting on meals available for Rs 5 and Rs 12 and stated their comments indicate how far are they from ground realities. Mayawati ji is the same CM of UP who spent crores and crores of money on erecting statues of elephants (her party symbol) making parks of Dalit Leaders of past and astonishingly she got her statue done as well. ­čśÇ Think poor people can live without meals but not without the statues of their beloved leaders . ­čśÇ ­čśÇ ­čśÇ Does the Congress know that??? ­čśÇ
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Re 1 enough to fill stomach-Farooq Abdullah

After Congress  leader Rasheed Masood claimed that it is possible for a person to buy a meal for Rs 5  in Delhi and that even he spends less than 5 bucks for his meals, spokesperson Raj Babbar claimed proper meal in Mumbai for Rs 12.Now  its the Union Minister Farooq Abdullah who said one can have a full meal for just Re 1 if desired depends on what he wants to eat.
With the politicians giving such statements,it is the poor Stand-Up Comedians who are bound to loose TRP of their comedy shows as our politicians seem to be cracking great jokes. ┬á­čśÇ ┬áSorry Kapil ( not Sibal ji and not Dev ji) enhance thy art . Our politicians are doing better. ­čśÇ
farooq abdullah cartoon,raj babbar cartoon,meal for rs 12, meal for 1 rupee,poverty line,political cartoons,mysay.in
farooq abdullah cartoon,raj babbar cartoon,meal for rs 12, meal for 1 rupee,poverty line,political cartoons,mysay.in

I can have meal for Rs 12 – Raj Babbar

Congress leader and a renowned actor of his times,Raj Babbar ,hit out at the BJP over the poverty figure debate and said he can have a proper meal for Rs 12 in Mumbai even today. ┬á­čśÇ
I am sure I don’t need to write anything else . You can giggle as much you want. ­čśÇ
I guess, his appetite is 2 Vada Paos, per meal !!
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India’s poverty level declines to 26 percent ?

As per the data of┬áhousehold┬áexpenditure prepared by NSSO , poverty level in the country has come down to 26 percent from 29.8 percent in 2009-10.Planning Commission’s chairman , Montek Singh Ahluwalia said poverty level has come down drastically┬ácompared┬áto what it was in 2000 !

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Statistical data can show India as a poverty-free country in the coming years,big deal? But the ground level reality is far behind those mathematical calculations !