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Pawn Executed !

Ajmal Kasab , the lone surviving terrorist in the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai,India,met his fate on 21 Nov’12.After his Mercy Plea got rejected by the President Of India,Kasab date of execution was decided and the operation of  executing him was kept in secrecy to avoid any opposition.

While,many have welcomed the rejection of  Kasab’s Mercy Plea by President Pranab Mukherjee and claiming the execution as India’s strict answer to terrorism , one should also keep in mind , Ajmal Kasab and his fellow-mates who entered Mumbai and killed hundreds of innocent Indians,were just ‘pawns’ while the ‘queen’ , the real-mastermind-Hafiz Saeed,is still enjoying freedom and life   as Pakistan still denies his involvement in 26/11 and  Saeed might be busy developing more Kasab’s !

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Kasab executed

26/11 Mumbai Attack Key Handler- Abu Jindal arrested!

Delhi Police has arrested Abu Jindal, one of the key conspirators and handlers in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and is believed to have guided and controlled the terrorists at the Nariman House from a Karachi control room, throughout the night of November 27, 2008.

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Well, it has been more than  three and a half years since the incident took place. The terrorists killed hundreds of civilians and police officers and the only terrorist caught was Ajmal Kasab. Thanks to our slow judicial system, the terrorist already lived almost 4 years more. The terrorists had entered with the intention to kill as many as possible before getting killed and now the Government is spending crores of  Rupees on keeping one of them alive for court’s trial. This is likely to repeat, in Abu Jindal’s case as well and the worst part is, it is our, the tax-payer’s hard earned money which rather than being used for some development work is being used to keep terrorists alive and kicking! 🙁


Rs 25 crore spent on Ajmal Kasab!

Terrorist or a Celebrity ? Maharashtra Government has so far spent Rs 25 crores to keep Ajmal Kasab , alive and kicking. The expenses include his medical bills,special security for him and his food. It was the very capital of the state – Mumbai which faced the fury of Kasab and his fellow-mates , who entered Mumbai in November 2008 , through the sea-route and killed and abducted Mumbaikers and it was only Kasab who was caught alive. The intentions were quite clear that they had entered the country to kill as many Indians they could till their last very breath. Yet , it is such a pity that this is the same country which is keeping him safe and alive as the trial continues on him! Who knows how long will the trial continue and by the time he would be awarded with any major punishment, he would have lived almost his full life. The one who came to kill and get killed, in the process, is blessed with life , fooding ,lodging and security…what more would heaven be for someone who belonged to a poor village in Pakistan?

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