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Break Up !

This post is inspired by co-blogger Jitendra Vaswani’s post on 7 rules to forget someone you love. Although his tips are very serious and practical ones but somehow as my Block phase is over , I found a cartoon knocking my brains while I was reading. Hence I am sharing my words on Break-Ups and the cartoon which knocked off the doors of my brains to come out online Β ! Β πŸ˜€
Break-Ups are NORMALLY(not always) results of extra consumption of love by any ONE in the couple for the other partner. Extra love leads to extra care, extra care to extra possessiveness, extra possessiveness to extra smothering, extra smothering leads to extra ordinary suffocation and this continues with verbal fights in private and then in public.The cycle continues until Β BANG – “Break Up !!”notice is being served to the partner who had that extra love issue.
So the moral of the story is either throw up the extra love, daily, you develop for your partner in the washroom or distribute the extra love to someone else as well, without being caught.
However, if you have already had gone through the ‘break-up process’ repeat the ‘throwing up in the washroom process’ till all the love is flushed out. Β πŸ˜€
What next !! Start Fresh !!
Note – the post is meant to be taken lightly ! πŸ˜€
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