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United they stand

The Parliament passed a Bill to allow candidates in Jail to contest polls against the July 10th decision of Supreme Court which refrained such candidates from voting and contesting.It was sited that the court verdict was wrong and the Legislature has Constitutional duty to correct it and hence the Bill. Interestingly,it took only 15 minutes for this bill to be passed and Leader Of Opposition, Sushma Swaraj pushed for its passage even without a debate. After all jailed candidates may be vote-bank leaders. Who cares why they are jailed?
Explains it all. The Parliament stood united against the Anna Hazare and His Anti-Corruption Movement and he and his movement is ideally a history. They stood united yet again for a cause. 😉 After all, this was like Judiciary sitting on top of their head. A strong message to all who think India is separable.At least not our politicians.  😀
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MP Sidhu back

An Amritsar based NGO had stuck posters saying MP Sidhu is missing and the one who finds him will get Rs 2Lakhs as reward.This was to remind the cricketer turned politician that it had been one year since he visited the city to address public issues. 🙂 It worked well. MP Navjot Singh Sidhu who is ideally seen judging Comedy Serials has decided to pay a visit to Amritsar.
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