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Indian Elephant Face Doodle Art – Bhasma

Inspired by the images on the post, by the awesome travel blog – I Share These, I have tried recreating the beautiful elephant face decorated with bhasma, in my own digital doodle style. Interestingly enough the image was so mesmerizing to me that it just sank in me and I came up with the line art in about 20 minutes and then the refinement and color variation. All in all, it took me about 3 hours to come up with the final versions of the design. I would love to see if this would look cool on a mug or t-shirt.

Indian elephant face doodle art , elephant doodle art,
Bhasma LIne Art
Indian elephant face doodle art , elephant doodle art,, color
Bhasma Color Doodle Art
Indian elephant face doodle art , elephant doodle art,
Bhasma Doodle Art MySay Version

Mayawati warns Govt of tough stand over Quota Bill

Mayawati has warned the Central Govt of taking a tough stand if the govt does not pass the Quota Bill which would entitle reservations in promotions in govt jobs for  Scheduled castes and tribes ! The same bill is being opposed by SP headed by Mulayam Singh Yadav.The conflict between Mayawati and Mulayam Singh has been refueled with the Quota Bill and its the UPA govt which is at the receiving end.

mulayam singh,manmoham singh,mayawati
Quota Bill-Mayawati warns UPA govt of tough stand

Akhilesh renames eight districts ! Mayawati furious !

Eight of the districts of UP , including some of which were created during Mayawati’s regime , were renamed by Akhilesh Yadav changing the names given by Mayawati during her rule and making her furious on the issue ! She has called it ‘Government’s ill will’ .

If by changing names of places, prosperity could also be brought in the area ,still, it would have been a nice idea. But neither the Mayawati government did a great job by naming districts on the names of dalit icons and saints and nor did Akhilesh’s government do anything great by renaming those districts other than teasing Mayawati !

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