Sanjay Dutt surrenders.Sreesanth arrested.

Actor, Sanjay Dutt surrendered  to serve three and a half years in arms case and cricketer,Sreesanth , got arrested for being involved in IPL betting. Soon we may have another T20 tournament inside the prison – Prisoners Premiere League !
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Indo-Pak World Cup 2011 was fixed says British journalist!

Briton Ed Hawkins,a sports journalist who has spent several years investigating corruption in cricket,in his yet to be released book-‘Bookie,Gambler,Fixer,Spy’ , has questioned the authenticity of India Vs Pakistan World Cup 2011 Match which India won and eventually the World Cup!

With few Pakistani players, previously, found guilty of being involved in spot-fixing,the claims made in the book cannot be rubbished completely.This may also put Indian Cricket Team’s reputation and achievements to question,as well.

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