Silence the Weapon of Concealment?

Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley is of the view that PM Manmohan Singh is using silence as the weapon of concealment in the missing coal files issue. BTW,Sonia Gandhi is in the US for her medical chek-up
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Nawaz Sharif invites Manmohan Singh for oath taking ceremony – Revisited

Just a thought about how PMs of neighboring countries of India and Pakistan may greet when they meet !  Reminded me also of  Nawaz Sharif  who was recently been noticed flaunting his white tiger during Pakistan elections ! 🙂
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Vinod Rai is politically ambitious-Digvijay Singh

Digvijay Singh, who has termed Baba Ramdev a ‘thug'(cheat),Anna Hazare and his movement politically motivated and went to the extent of criticizing Mamata Banerjee (and was humiliated by his own party for criticizing Mamata), has picked up a new war against CAG chief ,Vinod Rai. He has termed him politically ambitious after the CAG report has shaken the clear-image of the Prime Minister , Manmohan Singh.

Looks like he is being given unofficial right by the Govt to counter-accuse anyone and everyone who dares against his party. 😀

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Anna suspicious about Prime Minister’s role in coal scam ?

Anna, on Monday said that after seeing the coal blocks’ allocation papers, he is bound to doubt Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s role in it.

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Kejriwal claims CBI will give clean chit to PM on coal scam!

Team Anna member, Arvind Kejriwal says not the CBI but an independent body should investigate coal scam as CBI would surely give Prime Minister,Manmohan Singh, a clean chit.

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