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How Safe Is The Milk?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of our country  has detected that about 68% of milk samples from cows and buffaloes were contaminated with additives including fertilizer, bleach and detergent , diluted with water or sweeteners , fat , non-edible solids and skimmed milk powder to increase quantity of milk. This not only destroys the nutritional value of milk but increases severe health risks.

What do they get grilled for ?

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What is the intention of MTv Roadies a popular Reality show among teenagers ? What persona are they really promoting ? How many MTv Roadies winners have actually got a stable carrier forget about the runner up contestants. Using abusive language is what we call freedom and breaking the shackles of captivity of traditions ? And why ?Getting aggressive in a fit of anger,does that even promote sanity? I very much admire Raghu for his intellect but in the process of making money is the MTV Roadies team really promoting right  ethics and principles ? Being grilled for no reasons is that what you call attitude in life ?

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