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Akhilesh Yadav’s simplicity-drops 32 cars in his fleet and closed specialized hospital within his official residence!

The new Chief Minister of U.P., Akhilesh Yadav has issued orders to cut down the cars in his fleet from 40 to just 8 and also ordered the specialised hospital formed on orders of Mayawati(in 2008) and costs the state exchequer Rs. 75 lakh per annum. The hospital had a medical superintendent, 22 pharmacists, a dozen nurses, 4 hi-tech ambulances and specialist doctors on 24×7 dutyoperating in official residence of CM.

Akhilesh has ordered the doctors and nurses to be sent to hospitals where they are needed more. Akhilesh has done away with many security measures taken by former CM Maywati.

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Akhilesh’s move so far worth applauding but this is just the beginning and only the passing by time would let us know if all these efforts from youngest CM of Uttar Pradesh are really worth praising.

Civic Corporations unite the Senas!

Early, this month, both the Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra Navanirman Sena had pledged support to each other’s mayoral candidates in the civic corporations of Thane and Nashik respectively. Raj Thackeray had extended MNS’s unconditional support for the mayoral candidate put up by the Shiv Sena in the Thane civic corporation and declared ” I am fulfilling Balasaheb’s wish.”

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In response, Uddhav Thackeray publicly pledged his support to the MNS in forming the civic administration in Nashik, where it is leading.

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Reminds of Raj’s statement given in media on 14th February, this year where he said he is willing to walk a hundred steps for Balasaheb.

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Well, this is politics-No one is a permanent friend or enemy!

Inquiry on Union Minister,Vilasrao Deshmukh for shielding a friend?

Dilip Sananda,a Congress MLA from Vidarbha, had been lending money to farmers at high rates and he and his family was accused of harassment of farmers for loan-recovery.Retaliating to the harassment, one of th farmers tried lodging a police complaint against the MLA and Vilashrao Deshmukh,allegedly instructed zilla parishad officials not to take complaints against his friend.The farmer then took the case to Bombay High Court which stated against the state government and asked Deshmukh to pay a fine of Rs 25000.Deshmukh appealed to the Supreme Court which not only ruled against him but also imposed a fine of Rs 10 lakhs.The court has directed Marine Drive police to file a report after an inquiry,by June11.

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Army Chief,V K Singh writes to PM about lack of ammunition to fight enemy!

A letter by General V.K.Singh to the Prime Minister , dated March 12 2012, has created a chaos amongst political parties. While politicians are demanding immediate sacking of the Army Chief because of leakage of secret letter.Some are of the view these topics should have been dealt with the Defence Minister and not the PM while others find it a way of expressing frustration,by the Army Chief because of his ‘Age Row ‘ which he lost in the Court of Law.

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Well, whatever the reason may be,more than the letter leaking out , it is the concerning content of the letter which should be highlighted. If the alarm raised by the Army Chief about inadequate and obsolete weapons and lack of ammunition, is true, guess where is the country heading towards! With possible enemies in the left and right, both looking for opportunities to penetrate inside the borders, can our politicians afford to be so lenient to divert the topic towards the leakage of the letter ?

Mamata Banerjee bans ‘politically motivated newspapers’ in state funded libraries in Bengal ?



March 30th-Mamata Banerjee adds one English Daily after continued pressure by CPM and civic bodies. However,she gives the same rebuttal on the matter,refering it as a systematic move to malign the government.

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If one frequents state-run libraries in Bengal and follows newspapers there, he/she has to develop ‘free thinking’ and the TMC government has initiated steps to promote free thinking by banning ‘Politically Motivated’ Newspapers and dailies in the state-run libraries. Leading Bengali Newspapers ‘Ananda Bazar’ and ‘Bartaman’ are among the newspapers which wont be available in any state-run libraries,considering that they hamper free thinking of readers. However,both these newspapers are not owned by any political party. Interestingly, there are 8 newspapers available for readers which include Bengali newspaper-Sangbad Pratidin, which is owned by TMC (RS) MP,Sanmarg- a hindi newspaper,owned by Vivek Gupta,elected as Rajya Sabha (MP) on TMC ticket.CPM mouthpiece,Ganashakti,is banned categorically.

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It seems Bengal has to follow Gandhiji’s principle of 3 monkeys for the TMC Government- ‘Bura Mut Dekho,Bura Mut Suno,Bura Mut Kaho'(Dont see,listen or talk bad)