Karunanidhi Happy To See Younger Brother A.Raja !

After being granted bail last month, and permission to visit Tamil Nadu till the end of this month, A Raja, the former Telecom Minister visited his mentor, M Karunanidhi, midst the sea of his supporters! He is the prime accused,so far, in the 2G Scam case who has spent more than a year in the jail and is out on bail.

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Mr Raja is being tried in a Delhi court for breach of trust by a public servant, cheating and criminal conspiracy. As the telecom minister in 2008, he sold licenses to companies who allegedly paid him to be moved to the head of a long waiting line. The Supreme Court however has cancelled 122 of the licenses he sanctioned. His party,DMK has projected him as a visionary who ensured mobile phone services are made affordable to every Indian! Now, it is the Supreme Court which will decide his fate and his vision, if they were for the nation or to make money for himself !

Professor in trouble after criticizing Government in Bengal ?

Professors in Bengal seem to be having a hard time under the new Government in Bengal. Some days back, a professor was detained by cops and embarrassed by local party leaders for the ‘character assassination’ of the Chief Minister of state which he did via a cartoon and mailed it to few known people !

Now there is professor Debashis Sarkar, who teaches at the government-run Jhargram Raj College in the state’s Midnapore District, has been served notice by the state’s education department and has been asked to explain his recent criticism of the government on local TV channels. 🙁  .

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Well, seems like the new government of Bengal is giving a clear indication to professors and teachers that they should better stick to what they are paid for and are good at and leave politics on professionals in the same stream !

‘Declare your Black Money,first’ – Digvijaya says to Baba Ramdev

Popular for counter-blaming anyone and everyone who dares to accuse the UPA government, Digvijaya Singh,the Congress Leader, asked Baba Ramdev to reveal his Black Money before initiating any campaign related to the same.

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Rs 35 Lakhs spent on renovation of Planning Commission Office Toilet ?

Deputy Chairman of  Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia,justifies spending of Rs 35 lakhs on renovation of toilets . Well, the justification may not be satisfactory to all !

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The Press Release from Planning Commission – Response from Planning Commission on the matter.

Unanswered Questions –  Why the explanation from Commission not completely satisfactory ?


In Mumbai,only 500 people-Fading impact of Anti-Corruption Movement on India !

Only about 500 people gathered for Tuesday’s anti-corruption rally organised by activist Anna Hazare at the Kamgar Maidan, Mumbai! Previous rallies of ani-corruption did not fetch much foot fall , as anticipated ! The joint fast gathering of Anna and Baba Ramdev  did not pick up as many people as expected!

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Is it that the nation is turning deaf ears to the social activists and crusaders against corruption ? Has the corrupt system finally won the battle and Lokpal Bill does not seem to be a solution to any problem ? Has the nation accepted that it is the right of the rich Indians to evade taxes and hide the black money in some foreign banks ?

A movement which woke up India an year back slowly seems to have given up in front of the corrupt system! Guess, even Anna Hazare had no that the corrupt system will slow down the movement in just an years time !

Anna suspicious about Prime Minister’s role in coal scam ?

Anna, on Monday said that after seeing the coal blocks’ allocation papers, he is bound to doubt Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s role in it.

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President Pratibha Patil offers clemency to 30 convicts awaiting death-sentence!

President Pratibha Patil has reduced death sentence of 30 convicts to life term setting a record as the apostle of mercy. The government has astonishingly recommended prisoners who were guilty of barbaric and brutal murders and committing heinous crimes  and in the last 28 months the President cleared 30 mercy plea files.

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