The cartoons posted on the site are solely owned by the site-owner and are no way intended to hurt anyone’s religious, political, spiritual, brand, personal or fanatic beliefs and/or faith, whatsoever. It is also not to defame or disregard anyone’s personal decision or his/her identity! The creator of the cartoon understands, every individual has a right to do whatever he/she is doing and there is no intention to stop or highlight anyone from doing anything, they feel is their right, duty, and lawfully permissible. The same applies to the site owner! The intention is not to hurt sentiments but a sincere effort to bring a smile, if not a burst of laughter, on the faces of viewers of the site.

Still, if any of these creations (no matter how horrible they look) raise your eyebrows and not spread your lips, please feel free to contact me at mysayindia@yahoo.com!

” No matter how annoying your neighbour is, no matter how much you hate his/her views and even a view of his/her – Start viewing him more often and with a smile. You will see how his views would be acceptable to you and how you would stop getting annoyed. ” – Jacked Roberts 🙂

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