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Islamic Marriage Guide-A Gift For Muslim Couple,sparks outrage among Moderate Muslims in Britain!

Termed, a guide to healthy Islamic marriage relation, the 160 page book written by prominent Islamic scholar, Maulavi Ashraf Ali Thanvi- ‘A Gift For Muslim Couple’, has raised eyebrows amongst Muslims, in Britain,who believe it promotes domestic violence. A section of the book explains ‘best ways to beat wives’ and advises husbands to use stick , hand or pull wife by her ears.

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Well, should a respectable scholar,cover his personal opinion of  being violent towards womankind, under the banner of religion?

Barack Obama interrupted while making a speech?

An individual, holding a book for US president, Barack Obama, kept interrupting him while he was speaking on Energy Policies , in Columbus , Ohio. It continued till President Obama asked the heckler to stop interrupting and asked his men to collect the book from the man, which he was intending to handover to the president. Barack Obama promised to read the book.

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This should be a lesson for protesters in our country, who may not be able to interrupt speeches of politicians but show black flags,throw black ink or even sandals and shoes to express emotions and are taken into custody.


50% of India owns Mobile and 50% defecate in the Open ?

Census 2011 data on houses, household amenities and assets released on Tuesday, March 13th 2012 , reveals facts about our country’s true health in terms of basics of life. Sanitation facilities at homes are available to only 50% of the population! On the contrary, mobile phones and connections have become dearth cheap and almost mandatory for Indians that the same percentage has mobile phones!

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Wish bathrooms could be installed at houses by private players on a monthly rent or pay as you go basis , the way it happens with mobile phones.The percentage would have been surely better.Governments will always show themselves poor(no matter who we select to run our country), seeking aides from foreign countries while the politicians would make multi-billions (and keep fighting corruption charges till their last breath and enjoy the money they have accumulated) and the country would be left in a shameful state,forced to use the fields for taking Nature’s Call.

IPS Officer Killed by Mining Mafia in MP ?

March 11 2012

Officer Narendra Kumar’s wife asks for CBI investigation on husband’s murder.

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Political environment get intense in MP,acquisitions and counter-acquisitions from political parties continues!

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The Chhattarpur district administration on Sunday cancelled all sand mining contracts in the district  after media continuously criticized killing of young IPS officer, Narendra Kumar by alleged stone-mining mafia .

March 09 2012

Narendra Kumar ceremeted today.Family doubts planned murder.

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Father Confesses,Narendra was under pressure

Fellow IPS Officer thinks Narendra was killed for honesty

March 08 2012

Madhya Pradesh, once a state popular for the dacoits of Chambal now remains in news for similar reasons, the only difference is the dacoits are now termed the Mining – Mafias and rather than attacking and robbing houses of wealthy people in towns, these mafias rob the government.The Mafias are so powerful that they can shut any voice , once and for all, that even whispers against them, and be it anyone.

In their horrific and daring act today, they ended the life of 30-year-old IPS Officer on probation, Narendra Kumar Singh who had asked one of the illegally mined stone carrying tractor, to stop. Manoj Gurjar, the driver of the tractor-trolley allegedly ran-over his tractor on the officer when the officer blocked the road with  his Service-Vehicle, in front of the tractor. He has been arrested. The Officer’s wife is also an IPS officer who is on maternity leave to Delhi. Narendra Kumar Singh was posted at Banmore since last one month and in these  days he had seized number of trucks and tractors engaged in illegal mining in the area.

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Not impossible that this was a pre-planned murder of the officer. May be the driver Gurjar was hired to kill the officer. In a state where a police officer of IPS rank can be killed one can imagine  the condition of  law and order.

‘Occupy Men’s Toilet’ drive of China inspiring Pune Women ?

Women activists in Pune are ready to follow footsteps of China’s ‘Occupy Men’s Toilet’ drive in case the newly elected 78 women candidates in Pune Municipal Corporation also fail to do anything about lack of sanitation facilities for women!

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Well, India which has witnessed immense growth of women in all fields, including education,jobs and business.They are walking hand in hand and shoulder with shoulder with men and it is time that their basic needs to be taken into consideration.Sanitation is a basic problem for women in India who need to travel out of home. Well, these are some real serious topics the Senas and Parishad activists be helping to get sorted out rather than chasing movie-production teams to check if they are hiring foreigners or hoisting Pakistani flags!

Clash between Lawyers And Media outside Bangalore Civil Court ?

Karnataka Tourism Minister , Gali Janardhana Reddy, was being produced in the Civil Court in connecting with illegal mining charges and the Media had gathered outside Bangalore Civil Court when group of lawyers clashed with Media people blaming them for criticising the lawyers, last year!

The lawyers had held a protest after an argument with cops, last year and the media had criticized the lawyers for their act. Still agitated over the incident, the lawyers attacked reporters and camera persons and faced retaliations too. Meanwhile, cops had to order-mild Lathi – Charge to disperse the crowd.

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If this be the behaviour of literates and professionals in the country  even the uneducated goons would fear job-insecurities,soon!

Rats nibbling Rs 6.5 crore worth of Hospital Equipment in Mumbai?

A sophisticated cath lab machine worth Rs. 6.5 crore which is the only of its kind in Western India, lying at Jagjivan Ram Hospital in Mumbai has never been used since arrival and now the wires of the equipment have been found nibbled by rats and the machines is packed with dust.

The need of the equipment is immense and presently the doctors refer private hospitals to conduct heart angiography while the machines awaits completion of installation since July 2011,the month when it arrived while it was sanctioned by the railway board in 2006.

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It is a pity to know , how Government Hospitals in the country operate with officials busy blaming the system and responsible people declaring such incidents, wrong without verification.