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Nirmal Baba’s ‘dashank’ makes him multi-millionaire ?

Dashank is the tenth part of an individual’s earning which God man Nirmal Baba asks his followers to send to him for a god’s cause or a good cause which need not be revealed to the followers. In return they can assure themselves a problem – free life ! Well, it is the same accumulation of 10th part of his follower’s money which he gets every month and which has made his annual turnover Rs 238 plus crores. Of course Baba ji pays all his income taxes and hence all the money is his own earned money ! Its the followers who have made him ritchie rich on their own willingness.None ever bothered to think – does God or God men need money for solving people’s problems ?

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Why Jogging is Better in the morning !

An uncle, close to me, narrated his experience of why he stopped jogging at nights . After learning the reason, my laughter seemed unstoppable and while I thought he would give some great lessons on how our digestive system or any other organ reacts better in the morning than nights , while jogging, he came up with a completely different experience of his encounter with the stray dog at the park which would behave complete stranger at night..


One Washerman against 7500 residents !

Illegally settled  and yet defying law and society ,a laundryman,Santosh Kanojia, is fighting court cases against residents of over 25 housing complexes for 600 sq.ft. of land which he and his family has occupied in a land of 28000 sq.ft. which, in 1987, the collector first allocated to different housing societies on Juhu-Versova Link Road, and earmarked a plot to be developed into a recreation zone. This is where illegal encroachments had developed and out of them Santosh Kanojia was the one who came back again and occupied his piece of land again!

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Well,this incident indicates ….. it is not only the truth which can dare but lies as well!

Nirmal Baba – the Godman who himself needs God’s Help!

Nirmal Baba aka Nirmaljeet Sing Narula, is the God-man who is more popular for suggesting unique, out of the box, unimaginable and yet simple remedies to his followers is himself in trouble now after some police complains have been lodged against him for allegedly cheating his few disciples.

nirmal baba cartoon image,
Fraud case lodged against Nirmal Baba

The media has hunted down Baba’s personal wealth is about Rs 238 crores and his investments made in real-estate business. While baba has confessed about his wealth, it is quite astonishing to imagine why would God men need to preserve riches in crores when they claim to solve problems of all who become their disciple. Nirmal Baba conducts gathering named ‘Samagam’ where he charges Rs 2000 for each seat. More than any preaching of  morality , the gatherings talk about Baba’s power(shakti) and blessings(kripa) which does miracles. When people seek answers to their problems , the solutions Baba suggest often sound funny. Baba also stops some people from going to specific temples for more than what he would prescribe. 🙂 The funniest part is if someone says if you visit God’s temple or any worship place more than a specific number of time , God’s blessings would stop ! Is it any God-man’s fault? Are we not fools if we still listen to someone who says God would stop blessing us if we visit him as many times as we can.

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Well, no matter how much we suffer, human beings do have the tendency to seek guarantee and the one who guarantees them out of all problems becomes a God-man! Which God would ask for money ? Saints of the past used to conduct preaching under trees. Did they need auditoriums and charged disciples money for attending ? Is this not indicative enough that something is wrong if any God man declares his fees? Is there any point accusing the God men as frauds when we ourselves wait to get into such traps.

Rs 25 crore spent on Ajmal Kasab!

Terrorist or a Celebrity ? Maharashtra Government has so far spent Rs 25 crores to keep Ajmal Kasab , alive and kicking. The expenses include his medical bills,special security for him and his food. It was the very capital of the state – Mumbai which faced the fury of Kasab and his fellow-mates , who entered Mumbai in November 2008 , through the sea-route and killed and abducted Mumbaikers and it was only Kasab who was caught alive. The intentions were quite clear that they had entered the country to kill as many Indians they could till their last very breath. Yet , it is such a pity that this is the same country which is keeping him safe and alive as the trial continues on him! Who knows how long will the trial continue and by the time he would be awarded with any major punishment, he would have lived almost his full life. The one who came to kill and get killed, in the process, is blessed with life , fooding ,lodging and security…what more would heaven be for someone who belonged to a poor village in Pakistan?

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