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Ordeal Of Stray Dogs In Lockdown

If you think I am trying to be funny, let me tell you, I am not!

I have literally noticed these poor souls looking at people with masks and gloves on them and staring at them, all confused. The confusion is whether to bark or not. And with everyone adding a face mask to mandatory apparel, the stray dogs seem to be all the more confused. Good lord, the lockdown has allowed them a breather as you can’t hang around late nights. Those, who would show them arrogance and/or love(depending on their mood after 5 pegs), walking back all drunk, late at nights, have vanished. However, the poor animals, seem to be all confused when they see masked men all around and a few of them brisk walking and some, to make matters worse, are running. You can literally find the difference in opinions between a group of four or five. Mostly, the peaceful ones win. But what if one of those masked men running is literally a thief? So runners/joggers should think about the dilemma we are putting these awesome souls into. Shouldn’t we?

Godman Sant Rampal ultimately arrested

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Arrested after 3 days of conflict between his (Rampal’s) followers and the Haryana Police, godman Rampal, is in bigger trouble as the Punjab and Haryana High Court cancelled the bail granted to him in the 2006 murder case. Self-styled godman Sant Rampal has been dodging appearance before the High Court on 3 dates on health grounds. When the arrest warrant was ultimately issued against him, his followers turned his Hisar Ashram into a fort where allegedly the followers had lot of ammunition to rage a war against the invading cops.
Anyways, where is Rampal’s next preaching session ??
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Sadhu dreams tonnes of gold.ASI starts excavation.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) started the excavation work at the Unnao fort after a hindu saint,Sadhu Shobhan Sarkar,claimed that there were thousand of tonnes of gold buried under the ruins of Unnao fort after he dreamt of the same. His dream spread like wildfire and forced the ASI to start the treasure hunt.
If we think a little, its just the ruling party leaders who may get the real benefit if such treasure is dug out. 😉
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Prepared for Phailin

Cyclone Phailin has hit the Odisha-Andhra coast near Gopalpur in Ganjam district of Odisha on Saturday night. At over 200 km per hour Phailin is the worst cyclone in the last 14 years and the area is in complete darkness due to no power supply. The Govt has assured all possible preparations to combat Phailin.People are being evacuated from several areas to safer locations.The Govt seems vigilant and attentive with words of assurance from Home Minister Shinde,Congress President Sonia Gandhi and PM Manmohan Singh.So far, 7 people have been reported dead in Odisha while 5.7 lakh people have been evacuated.
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The I'm not Missing Newspaper Ad

Narayan Sai,son of Asaram Bapu,the spiritual guru who is currently in jail,accused of raping a school girl, has been absconding since a fresh case was filed against the father son duo of raping two sisters between 2002 and 2004.Prior to his arrest,even Asaram Bapu had shown tantrums and given threats to media and police for trying to arrest him.While the police is on his hunt a Gujarati newspaper ad by Narayan Sai read he was not missing and that he is yet to report to the police for interrogation.
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