Mamata Banerjee Cartoon Controversy-Future of Animation in Bengal!

Bengal CID’s cyber cell has asked Facebook not only to delete cartoons mocking the Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee aka Didi but has also demanded the IP addresses of the machines from where the cartoons were uploaded. This means, people who have uploaded or are uploading cartoons of Mamata Banerjee on Facebook are the next set of people to be arrested !

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Well, this act has been criticized by almost everyone who has come to know about it but does not seem to stop the Bengal government, as of now ! Just a wild guess as to what might be the TMC cadres , supporters and cops arresting a cartoonist , be thinking ,if  their son or daughter may be doing some animation course from any Multimedia Institute to build a career in gaming or may be animation movies, where cartoons cant be avoided ?

On Bihar Divas, Nitish Kumar takes a dig at Raj Thackeray, in Mumbai!

Speeches should not create bitterness among people- this was the message of the Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, indicating who he was talking about ! Raj Thackeray the MNS supremo , more popular for his open hate statements against North Indians, specially Biharis, had dared Nitish Kumar to come to Mumbai to celebrate Bihar-Divas. Soon news flashed that Raj Thackeray had given Green-Signal to Nitish’s visit after Nitish called him up and explained his visit was not political but just social gathering!

Once in Mumbai,at the Sommaiya Ground, Nitish not only initiated and ended his conversation in Marathi but also gathered praise of the listeners, both Biharis and non-Biharis. During his speech, he did not shy away from taking a dig at  Raj Thackeray who had previously dared his entry in Mumbai !

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Professor beaten up by TMC cadres Arrested by cops for anti-didi cartoon

A chemistry professor from Jadavpur University,Kolkata has been booked by cops, accused for anti-Mamata Banerjee cartoon. The cops are of the view that respectable political figures were being shown in poor light-(Mamata Banerjee,Mukul Roy and Dinesh Trivedi).

Ambikesh Mahapatra is accused of mailing a cartoon, made by him using pictures (face) of  the above mentioned political leaders and typing dialogues,mimicking Satyajit Ray’s movie Sonar Kella  to around 65 people in his list and later among uncounted people on the net. While returning back home in Garia , the professor was attacked by TMC supporters and meanwhile the police intervened and booked him.

mamata banerjee ,poriborton cartoon,

Although, neither the cartoon uses any wrong language nor does it looks vulgar or showing any politician in ‘poor-light’, it has been brought to limelight.

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Is this what Change was all about ? Media , opposition and now even the coomon man…no one is spared ! So if in Bengal, better accept the (Change)’Porivorton’ and behave like an obidiant citizen,listening to your praents – the Government!

Retired Judge H Suresh questions SIT’s cleanchit to Narendra Modi!

narendra modi image,SIT,
S.I.T. gives cleanchit to Modi on 2002 riots case

On 9th April, a Gujarat court confirmed that the SIT had found no evidence against Mr Modi or 57 others in a case based on the 2002 communal riots filed against them by Zakia Jafri, the wife of former Congress MP Ehsaan Jafri, who was killed by a rioting mob on February 28, 2002. While Mr Jafri’s wife claims that Mr Jafri had called the police control room and also Narendra Modi , who denied help, on the face.

Justice H Suresh, who was a part of a people’s fact-finding committee that travelled to Gujarat in May 2002, just months after communal violence, leaving 1200 people dead. The retired Bombay High Court judge has claimed that Mr Haren Pandya, the then Gujarat Home Minister,  had told his panel that Mr Modi had asked policeman to give rioters a free hand. Justice Suresh is of the idea that Mr Pandya’s statement has been completely neglected by SIT. Incidently, Haren Pandya was stripped of his minister’s post ,soon after and was denied ticket to contest upcoming elections. In March 2003, he was murdered in his car while mysteriously!

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No matter, what the judgement be, even the biggest supporter of  Narendra Modi cannot deny a foul play.No matter, how great leader he has been, helping his state stand top as a financial hub, eyes cannot be closed towards the riots which had shaken the nation and the world, in 2002. His reluctance to help the victims of the riots cannot be denied. In a nation like ours, should there be a space for people against communal harmony , regardless they are great visionary political leaders or religious leaders ?  The nation has hundreds of points of discrimination- by way of caste, tribe, religion, state and languages but only one reason to join hands – We are humans and then Indians before anyone else !

MNS threatens against celebrating Bihar Divas in Mumbai!

Answering back to MNS’s threatening of not allowing Bihar Divas in Mumbai,Bihar Chief Minister , Nitish Kumar said he does not need a Visa to go to Mumbai.

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Bengal to change History Syllabus-No More Marx Chapter ?

Mamata Banerjee Government in its yet another plan to remove the red of communism from West Bengal has proposed a significant amendment in history syllabus of the state board. A state government appointed committee has proposed to restructure higher secondary history syllabus removing what it refers as an overemphasis on communist thinkers Marx and Engels.

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Well, didi(Mamata Banerjee) has been making constant efforts to eradicate the remains of the ‘Red-Ghost’- CPM and in the process she is not only adding on to her lists of criticisms but also reminding Bengal of ‘Porivorton’ (Change), which people wanted but may not have thought what it actually would turn out to be! Point is ,what good, banning newspapers,transferring  IPS officers and changing history book syllabus,would do ? Should not the TMC government be busy doing things they promised about development rather than attacking, self-made ‘Red-Ghost’ out of CPM, which itself is in no shape to revive,unless the TMC government repeatedly gives it  ‘food of controversies’ to capitalize and regain its support ?

No Solid Evidence Against Hafiz Saeed from India-says Pakistan!

Pakistan rejected External Affairs Minister S M Krishna’s statement that India has provided adequate proof, linking Hafiz Saeed to the Mumbai attacks in 2008. Meanwhile,responding to the announcement of  USD 10 million bounty for him under the US Rewards for Justice programme,Saeed Hafiz,mocked the same by saying the money should be handed over to him as he would himself inform American authorities about his whereabouts.

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CPM report of weekness-alcoholism Sexual harassment by party cadres ?

CPM’s political organisational report which will be discussed in the ongoing 20th congress at Kozhikode lists a range of complaints against party workers that includes alcoholism, immorality and a lust for tickets from school committees to parliament.

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Ammunition Just for 10 days of Fight ?

Last week, General Singh’s leaked letter to the Prime Minister , Manmohan Singh, had listed some of the critical deficiencies in ammunition and equipment.

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Mamata Banerjee justifies senior IPS officer,Damayanti Sen’s transfer!

Senior IPS officer ,Damayanti Sen, who declared Park Street(Kolkata) rape case,genuine,after Mamata Banerjee,the Chief Minister,had declared that the rape case was fabricated,was transfered leaving the Chief Minister with one more criticism.


Damyanti Sen’s transfer justified by Mamata Banerjee