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Sachin Pilot Still In Congress?

While on the 13th of July. the news flooded with Sachin Pilot leaving Congress and the Congress party relieving him of his services as a deputy CM Rajasthan, today he says he is still a congressman and that he isn’t joining the BJP.

While speculations were on that the Congress govt of Rajasthan under Ashok Gehlot may collapse with Sachin and his men leaving the party, with the U-turn taken by pilot, congress should be relieved.

So dear Congress, need not worry, Sachin Pilot was not jumping for good, just bungee jumping !!

China and the World in 2020

From coronavirus to Hong Kong anti-govt protests to the yet another stand-off between India and China on the LAC, China has been making news since the beginning of the year. They have land disputes with almost all the neighbours be it Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Japan. Even Tibet has been included in China by force. Recently, some land in Nepal has also been taken over by the Chinese. They are also known to give loans to countries, failing which Sri Lanka had to lease its port to China to pay off the debt. China is the single largest creditor to African countries and around 20 percent of all African government debt is owed to China.

Like in the case of India, China claims Arunachal Pradesh, parts of Himachal, Sikkim, parts of Ladakh, just wondering if they somehow presume the world belonged to China at some point in history. Are they on a mission to take over all countries by fighting battles, intruding inside, and giving loans?

Is it really time, the world needs to think about how China became a manufacturing unit of the world and now dominates world politics with its financial power? It has been alleged that the world media is under their control because of their money power. Even the mighty countries like the USA and Israel think twice about dealing with China. Somehow, only one country seems to have an upper edge on the Chinese, and it seems the Chinese never intend to mess with and that is Russia. This is just my perception. Not well versed and well-read in geopolitics and moreover do not find it interesting enough. Crooked brains looking for opportunities to dominate each other, in a nutshell. On that note, this cartoon:

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In Cartoon – Yogi Raj in UP | Sena MP Vs Air India

#YogiAdityanath the new CM of Uttar Pradesh has taken quite a number of stern decisions and two ow which are #AntiRomeoSquad to ensure the public gardens of the capital of the state does not have loverbirds loitering around. Second is, shutting down illegal #slaughterhouse in the state. Mixed reactions on stern steps in initial phase of Yogi Raj from every where.
#AchcheDin for some and not for all. 😀
up illegal salughterhouse ban cartoon
UP antiromeo squad cartoon
Meanwhile, Shiv Sena’s MP, R. Gaikwad agitated with delay of Air India flight and no business class available in the flight ended up making #SlipperGate controversy when he picked up his sandal to beat up Air India official during heated altercations.
In return, Air India blacklisted him as a customer and canceled his ticket twice and also filed two FIRs against him.
Does someone recall  Ajay Devgn’s famous dialogue “Ata Majhi Satakli” ?? 😀
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Tamil Nadu CM Seat And UP Elections

The fight for CM seat of  Tamil Nadu and deepening of crises in AIDMK party is getting intensified with Panneerselvam  vs Sasikala Natarajan both claiming the CM seat.
sasikala natarajan vs panneerselvam
As Tamil Nadu faces the crises of CM, UP is preparing to elect CM again. The SP and Congress have joined hands while BJP has lack of leader face and Mayawati seems confident of getting the CM post yet again.
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Happy 70th Independence Day | Dozing day

Along with , Union Ministers Arun Jaitley and Manohar Parrikar, Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal was filmed taking a morning nap during PM Modi’s address to the nation on India’s 70th Independence Day.

But this shouldn’t be offending us. Most of us treat this day alike. Its probably just the PMs, army and the school students who need to wake up early on Independence Day. “Aam Aadmi to sota hai late tak aaj ke din 😉 “

Well amid sarcasm , Wishing every fellow Indian a very 70th Independence Day.

Jai Hind!

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