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SEO Interview questions and answers

While Search Engine Optimization is one serious business on the planet of Internet, and more and more people can answer basic questions like :
Who is an SEO?
What is Organic Traffic?
What is Social Media Marketing?
What is SEO Strategy?
here is how an experienced SEO would answer these questions :
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funny seo cartoon,seo funny jokes,best seo jokes,funny seo jokes,funny seo cartoon,seo funny jokes,best seo jokes,funny seo jokes,
funny seo cartoon,seo funny jokes,best seo jokes,funny seo jokes,

Do 'in-house SEOs' work in more pressure?

Thanks to the pressure and excitement of work at office,blogging has become a distant dream for me, these days. Political cartoons just do not click my brains anymore.At least,as of now. However,my job profile requires me to remain connected with the Digital Marketing World and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of the same and thought to share a toon on the same.
It happened so that while exchanging wisdom and knowledge with one of the in-house SEO professional of a mid-size company, I came to know the kind of pressure these in-house SEOs deal with trying to promote their brands online.Got to know how these SEOs are expected to be superheroes who are given the target to promote company brands online in real tiny budget. While companies in India (the small and mid-sized)still allocate a big budget for traditional marketing channels(which is obvious),they are always hesitant investing in online marketing channels. Thought, why not share it with my counted yet very lovely and inspiring readers¬†ūüôā . Hence this cartoon.Hope it connects. ūüôā
Also I would love to share this article which nicely explains the pros and cons of hiring an ¬†‘In-House SEO professional’ and an ‘SEO Agency’, for those who might be interested in knowing more about an in-house seo.

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15th Feb 2015 
Yet another incident inspired me to draw this cartoon on the kind of pressure In-House Search Engine Optimizers face in companies who newly venture into Online Business is they are looked upon as Super Heroes and expected to rank the hiring company’s business on 1st page, may be, the day they join!! ūüėÄ
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Google Sued by a French ?

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A 50-year-old man¬†from France has dragged Google to court on Thursday over a photo published online by its Street View application. The photo captured by google¬†¬†shows him urinating in his front yard¬†and has embarrassed him in front of the village people who¬†find the photo hilarious. Though¬†in the¬†photo the man’s face was blurred ,still his identity did not remain hidden from his village people.¬†The lawyer of the victim demanded removal of the photo and a compensation of 10000 Euro in damages!¬†The victim’s lawyer however, did not explain what made the victim urinate outside his house. Follow Detailed News Well,¬†people with the habit of urinating at the front or back yard of houses or on street-corners and in open, be cautioned as Google Maps is expanding rapidly in most of the countries and covering up remotest of places , all over. ¬†ūüėČ

Lawfully objectionable contents be removed-Google Initiatives


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Future of Blogging – Need All Be Politically Correct Before Being Blogged ?

Since Google is continuously getting content filtration and removal requests from around the world, the company has decided to comply with local laws¬†, similar to Twitter.¬†Even in India the Lower Court has asked major websites like google, twitter and facebook to remove ‘objectionable contents’ else may face bans in the country!

Now anyone¬†accessing is redirected to the country’s Country Code Top Level Domain.¬†That means if¬† is accessed from India it would now be redirected to ;¬† ‘.in’ being the Country – Code Top Level Domain for India .

This way Google will be able to comply with valid removal requests pursuant to local laws of different countries. However, the content removed in a country due to its law would be available in other countries where the content is not an issue. This applies to the contents of bloggers who are¬†availing¬†¬† services, under the subdomain(¬†only. Does it mean bloggers who own their domains and are powered by, may be¬†directly answerable for any contents violating their country’s law ?

Now that Google¬† – ‘ ‘The Internet God’, has taken this decision, soon others will follow including WordPress and other similar service providers.

What puzzles is thinking about the bigger picture which might appear in the coming future : Will the bloggers be getting specific guidelines, by their respective countries as to what topics they can and cannot express their views on¬†¬†and guidelines on¬†¬†how should their expressions be portrayed in words, photographs and sketches?¬†What comes under the parameter of¬† ‘Objectionable Content’ ?

But the question is ‘Who decides, what content is¬†offending for whom ?’ For instance , if a country is going through recession and a blogger feels it ¬†is the present government which is responsible and has his own valid points to express, would he not be allowed to blog as his writings may spread unrest and thereby offend the Government of the country ?

If this is what filtration of contents mean then why not other sources of information and communication be included too? Television and Print Media are mostly run by corporates and they can be put under pressure by Governments of countries and influential¬†corporates and businessmen , if need be. Whereas, the Internet is the only source of communication and information where everyone is free to express about any matter , the way he/she feels about it. Is this unrest from several Governments, all over the world, not against the ‘Freedom Of¬† Thought And Speech’ of the common citizens of¬† their countries ?