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Snake Swallows A Frog.

Have you seen a snake swallowing its prey ?

Well, we happened to view it on our way inside dense paddy fields. The experience of capturing it was very different as we could see a helpless frog loosing its life and a desperate snake winning its meal. Neither the snake was too big nor the frog hence we found the battle worth capturing.

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Snake Swallows Frog

Amar Singh questions Mayawati.

Amar Singh back in news !

Amar Singh the chief of Rashtriya Lokmanch who has been out of news since long,is back with a  request to Mayawati to issue a white paper on how much has been spent in Ambedkar parks in Noida and Lucknow and how much  has the government spent in its entire tenure for the welfare of the citizens of the state.

The state lacks employment opportunities forcing people to migrate to other states to earn their living even at the cost of life threats yet the chief minister is proud to have made her dream parks but what about the welfare of the people of the state, who are alive and suffering ?
Big question is, will her statue and Dalit Memorial parks give  employment opportunities to the people who migrate to earn their living ?