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India Vs Sri Lanka – India chases 320 – Stable Start !

 India Vs Sri Lanka Commonwealth Series -Cruical Match!

10th over –

Sachin Tendulkar out in the 10th over of the match , after Sehwag. India stands 97 for 2 now in 10 overs . Sachin was given Leg- Before on Malinga’s bowl. Mission Impossible Continues with Gambhir and Virat Kohli on the crease!

12 th over –

105 for 2

Much rests on Kohli and Gambhir , in the match , after Sachin and Sehwag gave a bold start to India , though not that satisfactory. Indian Cricket Fans can hope for Miracles, a little now!

13th over-

108 for 2

14th over-

113 for 2

15th over-

118 for 2

Testing time for every Indian player who can bat, particularly for the future players including Gambhir and Kohli.

16th over-

127 for 2 -Kohli hits a 4 in the last ball

17th over-

134 for 2

18th over-

143 for 2

run out chance for Kohli but safe!

2nd bowl of the over Kohli hits a 4 . 50 runs partnership between Kohli and Gambhir.

19th over-

153 for 2

Kohli hits a 6 in the 2nd bowl of the over

20th over-

67 of 58 deliveries till the last over between Kohli and Gambhir

160 for 2

21st over-

India needs 121 runs in another 20 overs to win with bonus point . Can they make it happen ?

167 for 2

22nd over-

Kulasekara brought into attack.

172 for 2

23rd over-

Gambhir reaches his 50

176 for 2

25th over-

Kohli reaches 50 in the 24th over

190 for 2

26th over-

Mathews brought into attack.

run out appeal against Kohli but safe.

193 for 2 in 25.2 overs

196  for 2

27th over –

26.5 India 198 for 2  

199 for 2

28th over-

27.3 Run Out Gambhir

Sri Lanka takes bowling power play. Mathews to bowl.

India completes 200 runs in 27.2 overs

Raina is in.

Kohli hits a 4.

208 for 3

29th over-

Raina hits ball high up in the air towards the on side but thankfully was safe.

215   for 3

30th over-

Malinga comes to bowl

1st bowl and Kohli hits a 4

4th bowl and this time Raina hits a 4

last ball of the over goes for a wide down the leg side

the last ball fetches another leg-by 4

15 runs of the over

230 for 3

31st over

91 in 60 balls to win by bonus points . Can India do it ?

Kulasekara bowling

Raina hits a 4 of the 1st bowl

lbw appeal on the 2nd bowl but denied by umpire

3rd bowl-wide

3rd bowlKohli  hits a 4 on the 3rd bowl after wide

4th bowl Kohli hits another 4

5th bowl Kohli hits 3rd 4

last bowl no runs

18 runs from the over

248 for 3

32nd over

Perera bowling

250 comes from the 1st bowl,

2nd and  bowl dot with Raina facing.

3rd  4th and 5th bowl 1 run each.

last bowl and Kohli hits a 4.

257 for 3

33rd over-

Malinga back in attack.

1st bowl- 1 run by Raina India takes Batting Power play

2nd bowl-1 run by Kohli

3rd bowl-Raina hits a 4.

4th bowl-1 run by Raina

5th bowl-1 run by Kohli

6th bowl-dot bowl Raina

265 for 3

34th over-

Perera bowls

1st bowl -2 runs by Kohli currently on 96 runs.

wide bowl down leg.

2nd bowl-dot bowl

3rd bowl-1 run by Kohli

4th bowl-3 runs

5th bowl-1 run

6th bowl-6 hit by Raina

14 runs of the over

279 for 3

35th over

1st bowl 2 runs Kohli gets his 100 in 106 balls

2nd ball Kohli hits a 6

3rd ball hit for 4 by Kohli

4th ball hits another 4, Kohli

5th ball – Kohli hits 4 once again

6th bowl Kohli hits one more 4

24 runs in the over

Malinga 86 of 7 overs

303 runs for 3

36th over-

Mathews bowling

1st bowl- 2 runs

2nd bowl- 3 runs

3rd bowl-1 run by Kohli

4th bowl-1 run by Raina

5th bowl- 1 run

6th ball dot.

311 for 3

37th over-

11 runs out of 24 balls to make bonus point win possible

1st ball – 2 runs

2nd ball-1 run

3rd ball- 4 runs hit by Kohli

4th ball – 4 runs hit

India wins ! Gets the bonus point win and keeps hopes alive to reach finals, if Sri Lanka loses to Australia.

India Vs Sri Lanka – 28th February 2012-Lanka scores massive 320!

Team India, Up Against Mission Impossible !

India needs 321 in 40 overs to maintain chances in Commonwealth Finals

The horrible performance of Team India continues with Sri Lanka scoring huge 320 in 50 overs bowled by India. The lead bowler Zaheer Khan, Praveen Kumar, Yadav , almost every bowler seemed helpless in front of Dilshan and Sangakara.

The worrying part being, this match is the only probable chance for India to get through finals , seems purely bleak now. In order to gain a place back in finals India not only has to chase 320 within 40 overs but also has to pray that Sri Lanka looses the upcoming match with Australia. If India would not be in finals due to Sri Lanka winning over Australia , is a different ball game but at least the crucial match should have been played more intensely than what it has turned out to be , in the first half, with Indian bowlers giving up in front of Sri Lanka. Only miracles can make India score 320 in 40 overs as the top-order, top-class batsmen have been regularly disappointing. Be it Sehwag, who is more interested in keeping his dare-devil image intact by hitting the oddest ball in the first few overs or the Master Blaster, who somehow never managed to shut-up the critics so far, in the series. Gautam Gambhir being a little consistent is not promising always and Raina and Sharma have been disastrous since the very beginning of the series. Ravindra Jadeja is also not that promising and captain Dhoni alone cannot score the huge score when mostly he keeps busy blaming either his teammates or the opposition for losses. Not much can be expected out of the bats of Ashwin,Praveen Kumar, Zaheer and Yadav.

No matter what the outcome of the match would be but if India has to win , it has to be in style and well within 40 overs which is very close to impossible given the mindset of Team India which holds the badge of World-Cup Champion. All they have shown so far as world champions, is ego and attitude but the game has drowned since the World-Cup. Never did our Team India, dominate the World Cricket, like once the Australians did for a decade and it is merely a badge of World – Champions which is keeping fans hope for their Team India.

Within few hours the facts would be in hand for Indian supporters and all we would be left with is either a hope that India reaches Commonwealth finals or a hope that India would make a come back in upcoming Asia Cup(if India gets out of the tournament).  Hope for a better tournament ahead-Is that not what we have been doing since ages ? Cricket considered a religion in itself  makes the  ‘ Top Cricket 11 ‘ , millionaires and celebrities and in return what the cricket fans get is mostly disappointment. Better is the India Hockey team, which may not have more than 10 percent of country support and yet managed to qualify for Olympics, after 8 years.

Is Sehwag Dhoni rift reason for Team India Loss ?

sehwag cartoon,dhoni cartoon,rajiv shukla cartoon,
Sehwag Dhoni rift

While the BCCI keeps denying the rift between Team India’s Captain MS Dhoni and Vice-Captain , Virender Sehwag, the ongoing Commonwealth Series has exposed their discontent in the media. Captain’s statment about seniors needed to be more active on field to his rotation policy has all been debated by Sehwag. BCCI terming it as media speculation and terming it as minor difference of opinion may not help Team India’s overall performance.

BCCI vice president Rajiv Shukla when questioned, said, “I don’t think there is any rift within the team. It’s media speculation. We have not asked for any report on this from Australia.”

Recent news confirms that BCCI chief Srinivasan had a word with Team manager asking him about the matter.

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Well, reasons might be any but a team which rarely wins and that too with minor margins and mostly losses and with huge should be more bothered on its Team performance rather than playing the blame game. Dhoni has been heard criticizing seniors quite a number of times but he does not speak about the young blood like Sharma,Raina, Yadav and Ashwin. The question is why does he blame only the seniors ? While he plays his knock almost every other match but equally blames only the seniors, on the media. Are the new kids coming to do net-practise in matches, that they should not be questioned ? Other than Virat Kohli, there has been no young player who is consistent at present. Hope the captain is not being partial!

Moreover, it is the captain’s responsibility to co-ordinate and take out the best of all the players. Rotational policies if applied for seniors why do they not apply for other regular non-performers ? Is it just because they are young ? Is it just because they can jump a little higher or may save 20 odd runs on the field? What about scoring them with the bat or bowling  the opponents out ?

At an International level and being a World Cup Winner, a team is expected to be more professional with its approach both on and off the fields. Rather than taking out frustration on team members, the captain and vice-captain should concentrate on improving individual games and overall team performance.

Is Saif brawl a publicity stunt for Agent Vinod ?

Previous Post on Saif’s brawl

Latest news on the incident of Saif’s alleged fight with South African businessman Iqbal Meer Sharma as explained by the victim is that Saif was accompanied with 3 friends and Kareena and Iqbal had asked the management of the restaurant thrice to ask Saif and friends to speak slowly. Failing to deaf ears, Iqbal and his father in law decided to go downstairs in the restaurant and asked their food to be brought down. While he and his father-in-law was heading down , Saif who had gone out of the restaurant was heading upstairs,crossed them and started being abusive and asked Iqbal to look for a library if he wanted peace and when Iqbal’s father-in-law tried to stop them , he ended up punching him and then his friends also joined him and Iqbal and his father-in-law was kicked and punched!

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Saif of course has a different story to narrate. He was taken in custody and was released on bail of Rs 15000 and he counter-filed a case accusing of being hit first by the elderly man (father-in-law). He also claimed doubts of Iqbal’s nose being broken and instead said he received a hit on his eye by the elderly man resulting which he could not stop himself.He claimed CC TV footage inside the restaurant would reveal facts about he being charged at first.  Although he apologized and repented the incident in media.

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The most interesting claims came from the neighbours of Iqbal Meer Sharma who say that both Saif and Iqbal were old friends and all this is nothing but publicity stunt for Saif’s upcoming movie ‘Agent Vinod’.

Well, it is only Saif and Iqbal who know what is the truth and for us it is a momentary news to gossip about !

Saif hits South African businessman and fractures his nose!

Feb22nd 2012- This time it is Saif Ali Khan who got in a tussle with S.Iqbal , a South African businessman of Indian origin at the Wasabi restaurant in Taj hotel,Colaba. At around 12:30 am the incident took place when Mr Iqbal asked Saif sitting with Kareena on the other table, to speak softly. On this Saif responded by asking him to look for library instead of asking him to speak slow. Soon the argument turned physical and the businessman ended up getting his nose broken by Saif’s punch, as accused by the victim. He got treated and lodged a complaint against Saif. Cops are yet to trace the actor to take him in remand after questioning, under IPC 325.Of course this is a bailable offence.

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Kapil Dev wants Sachin Tendulkar to retire !

sachin tendulkar image,kapil dev image,
Kapil Dev wants Sachin to retire

With many others, now stands Kapil Dev,the former Indian captain and the first to make India proud of winning the World Cup of 1983. He wants Sachin to retire at the earliest now. Of the view that he should have rather retired before the 2011 world-cup and at least after that, he feels age factor is taking a toll on the Master Blaster!

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Why should not Sachin retire without making 100th century?

While there are continued criticisms faced by Sachin  still not retiring and most believe it is his 100th century what he is playing for, one should not forget at the end records do matter. Among many other records which the great batsman has earned the awaited century would surely be the biggest, if at all the critics allow him to continue. Sachin Tendulkar when compared to the young Indian cricketers is not playing that bad. Who in the team is playing great ? Is it Suresh Raina , Jadeja , Rohit Sharma , who ? Sachin is playing lot better than one would have expected out of a man of his age. Critics wanted him to retire 5 years back but he came back and showed his worth. And why should he not think of records ? Although he has been  ‘One Man Army’ many a times in the past , winning matches for India, single-handedly , he has never been a reason of India losing. With due respect to the great player Kapil Dev, it should also be noticed that during the ending phase of his career, none of the opponent batsmen ever hesitated scoring boundaries of Kapil’s bowl. In fact he would stand very expensive many a times and yet he did not quit till he broke the record of Richard Hadlee of 433 wickets!

Shahrukh Khan Brand Ambassador of West Bengal !

After Big B-Amitabh and Aamir Khan  it is the King of Khans Shahrukh who has become Brand – Ambassador of a state. While Aamir represents the country as a whole , Amitabh represents Gujarat and now it is the changed Bengal which decided to bag in the Kolkata Knight Rider Team owner , Shahrukh Khan to represent the state. West Bengal is a state of Mountains and Hills and Sea-shore as well. The remains of the British Empire are equally worth visiting. However, the state somehow did not promote tourism in the state. With the change of the Government,Mamata Banerjee took the initiative of improving tourism in the state and the present advertising technique being appointing a famous Bollywood Star as the Brand-Ambassador of the state, Shahrukh got the opportunity. 

Probable Shahrukh And Bengal Connections!

Shahrukh’s movies have always done relatively better in Kolkata since the beginning of his career. His fan base in Kolkata is very stable hence even worst of his movies do relatively better here. There is no denying that he has strong fan base world-wide and all over the country but Bengal somehow stands the most stable. No big deal , if that might have attracted King Khan to own Kolkata Knight Riders as a way of saying thankyou and thereby keeping his popularity intact and now with a decision of being the brand-ambassador for the state he surely won over the hearts in Bengal. Shahrukh not only considered a great actor but also a clever businessman , is bound to capitalize the opportunity and with him being the representative of the state it is sure that tourism in the state of Bengal would see good times. After all , Bengal has too many varieties to offer ranging from British History , to Hill-Stations and Sea-Shores.

Veena Malik denies being an ISI agent !

Early, this year, a complaint against Veena Malik’s semi nude photograph published in an Indian magazine with an ISI tattoo on hand has brought her back in news. An FIR from Mahidul Hassan, the imam of mosque in Jamia Nagar,Delhi alleges Malik of hurting public sentiments because of her semi-nude photo on the cover page of a magazine and also claiming her to be staying in India for spying for ISI. Delhi Police on 14th February’2012 told the court probing progress on the complaint that Veena Malik had denied all allegations and has declared that her photo was worked – upon by the magazine company and that she has not posed nude. Also she denied any relation with Pakistani Intelligence, ISI. Detailed hearing on the matter is scheduled on March 2nd this year!

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Well,controversies around Bollywood stars and strugglers always create a hype thereby keeping them remembered and also helps them get work in the showbiz. The controversial magazine photograph where she is seen posing almost nude with an ISI tattoo on her arm has surely got her back in limelight after Big Boss 4 and has given her some Bollywood Item numbers. So far it has helped her and time will let us know if this publicity stunt ends of costing her career in Bollywood.

India -Sri Lanka Match Tied- Commonwealth Tri Series – A Review Of Team India’s Performance!

February 14th 2012

Yet another close match between India and Sri Lanka ended in a Tie betwen both the teams . Dhoni facing the last ball of Malinga had to score 4 runs and hit a shot on the off-side which was somehow collected by the fielder there. However, it could not stop Dhoni and Vinay Kumar from taking 3 runs to tie the match.

Is India really playing like World Champions since they won World Cup?

Of the 5 matches played so far in the series 3 were close. India has played 2 matches with Australia and 2 with Sri Lanka so far. The result is 1 win out of 2 matches played with Australia and 1 win and a tie out of 2 matches played with Sri Lanka. The first match with Australia was dominated by Australians while the second match India somehow managed a win, termed close match. With Sri Lanka , the first match won by India was the one India had dominated Sri Lanka throughout and yet they could have finished the match much earlier than how it ended up as. Today’s match was a tie between India and Sri Lanka which was supposed to be a win as Sri Lankans could not score lot of runs and ended up making 236 only. Yet India could not win the match.

Well, not denying that both the opponent are quite strong contenders hence close matches are always expected. However, the question is , has India ever played like World Champion since winning the World Cup? The answer is No. Mostly wins come resulting from Close Matches. Close wins indicate clearly that the opponent was as strong as the winning team. In case of Australian Team which had dominated World Cricket for more than a decade, Loss was rare and close always and Wins were out of dominance throughout the match! Whereas in case of Team India the story is completely different. Even now when India loses it is rarely a close match. They are dominated almost throughout the match. Though there is no denying the present Team India is a strong contender to any One-Day Teams of the world but facts are also that they can easily lose in front of  top order Teams of the World Cricket as well.

The Test Series in England and Australia had been devastating snatching Team India’s number one position in Test Cricket. India lost all matches in both the countries. All One-day matches and series were always close wins and never clear dominance. World Cup Winners should at least dominate the other teams for a stretched period of time indicating they deserved to be the winners. In India’s case, it is clear that present Team India is deadly but not consistently deadly. They may be a threat to all other top order world teams but not a continued threat, the way Australia had been, during their tenure of long  success. The opponent teams would not mind losing to Australia, given the standard and committment of the team in batting , bowling and fielding and the overall Team Effort. India still lacks that and that is probably a strong reason matches are still thrilling and close , no matter whichever Team , India is playing with. The high-standards which Australian Team has set of being a dominant World Cup Winner and the number One Cricket Team of the world is yet to be broken by our Team India. As a Team India fan, one would love to see their team being an undisputed champion rather than champion of a tournament!