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BMC Polls-Political Parties giving tickets to Underworld Dons or Their Relatives!

Country’s richest civic body, BMC, may soon feel the prominent presence of the underworld inside its official premises. BMC controls many land related sanctions which decides real estate deals in India’s financial capital,Mumbai. Real-State being a multibillion dollar industry in Mumbai, political parties are issuing party tickets to the aides of dons or their relatives just to secure space in BMC elections.

Soban Parwin fighting on a Samjwadi Party ticket is the nephew of Tareeq Parwin, once a  close associate of Dawood. The Republican Party self-praising upholder of Ambedkars ideals and claiming Buddhist influence is the chosen party for Chotta Rajan’s sister Sunita Chavan and nephew Satish. Previously, Arun Gawli, a  well-known gangster split from Shiv Sena to make his own party and now he being in jail , his office is handled by Geeta Gawli, his daughter.

Entry of Muscle Power is no news in Indian politics. Deadlier is the entry of Underworld-The Corporate Anti-Social Group. It is not one man but a group of well-organized, filthy rich  and socially influential people who wish to replace politicians(whom they might be bribing) to take direct control.

It is pity that India does not have any lawful and constitutional mechanism yet to stop such intrusions into politics of the country.

Air India Fuel Supply Barred By The Oil Companies.

Air India Cash Strapped!

The three oil companies — Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum — collectively barred Jet Fuel supplies to Air India at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Trivandrum and Kochi ,today 2nd February 2012, due to Air India failing its committment to pay for the previous purchases. Last year Government had asked the companies to give the airline 90 days of credit period  and the companies had agreed to. Today the airline failed its deadline of the credit period resulting which the oil companies stopped ATF supplies to the airline.
Air India has to pay over Rs.4,170 crore to public sector oil companies for its jet fuel purchases.

Arnold Schwarzenegger visits India for a day!

It is a ‘Wow! ‘moment for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Indian fans as  the Hollywood action hero, the Body-Building Icon and also the former California governor has arrived in Delhi to be the guest of honour at the 4th Panasonic Green Globe Foundation Awards to give away the Green Globe Award to Abhishek Bachchan for ‘Outstanding efforts in fighting climate changes by a celebrity’. It is reported that his stay in India is just for a day and has no plans to explore India .

All we can say Abhishek is Really Lucky !

Baby found in a Carton-Box in Bangalore- 2nd incident in a days time.

Another Unwanted Baby Abondened ?

What is wrong with the mothers of India?

It has not been a fortnight since the nation was shocked by the brutal physical assault of the 2 year old baby-girl Falak , in Delhi who was admitted by the teenage mother  herself . The mother admitted the crime after being caught by the cops. 

Fresh incidents of babies being abandoned are making news. On Tuesday , a baby was found in a train in West Bengal and 24 hours passed by and no one claimed the poor child and now its Bangalore , where the garbage – pickers ended up discovering a carton which had a baby inside. The baby is merely 6 days old and has been orphaned.
How can  some mothers be so cruel towards their own kids ? Why do they not get aborted if they do not want the kids ? What is the fault of the kids being born to such inhuman parents ?

Taslima Nasreen’s Book ‘Nirbashan Vol-7’ launched at the Kolkata Literature Fair.

What Rajasthan Government could not do , Bengal Administration did easily enough !

West Bengal ruled by Trinamul Congress Government shows it how to do it. 

Salman Rushdie, a few days back had to cancel his visit to India for  the Jaipur Literature Festival due to threat of life and while the Central and Rajasthan State Government kept insisting there was no such fear, they probably hoped Salman Rushdie does not turn up. And it happened! All thanks to some religious hardliners who did not even allow  the author’s  lines to be read from Satanic Verses and to top it all they succeeded to stop Rushdie’s pre-scheduled Video Conference in the Festival.
Rumours spread about Taslima Nasreen’s release being halted , in Kolkata while it was postponed due to some technical reasons as explained by the organizers. It was obvious as  similar protests were organised by hardliner groups against Taslima, again as controversial as Rushdie, for writing , what they consider as anti-islamic.
However , Nirbashan, the 7th volume of  Taslima’s auto-biography did launch amidst protests which had to mild down as it seemed spineless and moreover, inspired by Jaipur Literature Festival protest success. Dey’s Publishing, released Nirbashan’s 7th Volume today,1st feb’2012 in front of a stall at the Kolkata Book Fair.
A democratic and a secular country has to behave like one and it is the Government’s responsibility to assure this. Previously, religious and social leaders who had almost half the country supporting them were challenged on the face by the Central Government while conducting mass-protest against anti-corruption and black-money issue and the Government remained firm on its stands and did all it took to lower down the impact of the movements. Hence, it becomes questionable why the same Government, be it state or central, falls under the pressure of few hundreds or thousands protesters? Is it not just because of Vote-Bank politics ?
Whatever the reason may be, it is the West Bengal Government which neither allowed making Taslima Nasreen’s book release, a ‘Breaking News’ nor did they give up in front of the protests, resulting in the successful launch of Nirbashan Volume 7.

Army Jawans Clashed with Policemen in Pune!

army jawan image,traffic police image,
army jawans clash with traffic police in Pune

Pune Once Again Makes News!

Pune,31st January ‘2012 at around 9 am, two army jawans riding a motorcycle picked up a fight with traffic policemen when they stopped the army men  from going into a no-entry zone for two-wheelers, at Tilak Chowk. The argument turned violent after police constables tried to issue a ‘challan’. Some civilians who tried to break up the fight were also beaten up. Police teams and Army men in six vehicles rushed at the spot to ease down the situation.

But later, about 40 Army personnel went to the police station and damaged it. A case has now being filed over the clash and Army assured strict action against jawans found guilty.

All in all , Pune seem to have become a city always in news, starting this year . Be it, the mentally unstable bus-driver who ransacked vehicles and ended up killing 9 people, and then three people being burnt alive, part of some gang-rivalry and now the cops and the army raging against each other. Who knows, soon MNS activists may ransack some offices or beat-up some auto-rickshaw drivers just to retain Pune in news !