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‘Spring Zouk 2012’ – Party on St.Mary’s Island shamed the BJP government and Karnataka!

Rave Party on Cocunut Island(St.Mary’s Island), Karnataka?

The recent party organised by the Udupi district administration and the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) to promote global tourism, has embarrassed the ruling BJP and the state.  The Udupi district which is a stronghold of the BJP and a well-known pilgrimage centre for the Sri Krishna temple and the St.Mary’s Island, 6kms from Maple Beach. The beach where the ‘Spring Zouk 2012’ was organized by KSTDC in association with district administration and 3W concepts is considered to have been named by Vasco Da Gama, St. Mary Island, offering thanks to her for his accomplishments. The island comprising of 4 small islands is considered sacred by the minorities in the area and is also called coconut island.

Around 600 couples, mostly international tourists, attended the party and one of them was taped in camera while having sex in public. Reports indicate they were not the only one performing this act in public.Liquor and allegedly drugs were also available in the party. It was claimed as a proper rave party with hundreds of tents erected for the guests and booze and drugs in abundance.

Chief Minister D. V. Sadananda Gowda, on 6th of February 2012, ordered a probe into the matter and assured strict actions after the opposition party Congress, conducted a protest-march in Udipi last Sunday, blaming the government’s denial and inaction on the matter. They claimed religious sentiments of Christians were hurt with the island witnessing rave party. Gowda initially defended the three-day ‘international festival’. But he had to order a probe after a mobile phone clippings of at least one couple having sex during the party, reached local TV channels. The government and administration claims that the clipping may not be real as state cops were appointed there on duty while the party was taking place and no such incident was reported.

Well, BJP with RSS and Bajrang Dal being its allies has thrashed Indian couples in the past ,be it Valentine’s Day and many other occasions, claiming to protect the Hindu culture. The same organizations and their people eloped while such incidents took place in BJP ruled state. Does it not matter to the self-proclaiming saviours of Hindu culture to protest this incident, taking place in religiously important district for Hindus, if not the island?

Nigerian Students face Racial – Discrimination in Kochi While Residents accuse Nudity in Public!


Februaury 6th 2012 – Nigerian students, residing in Kochi, for their higher studies complained about racial discrimination by the city people who have asked Nigerians to vacate the rented house. 50 students sponsored by the Nigerian government, for a special training programme were allotted block No 2 of the NRI Silicon Heights residential society in Kochi.
However, the residents are complaining that a Nigerian student unzipped his pants in public, in front of two school going girls. The allegations were denied by the students and they felt its their skin which has attracted the controversy. Even the school is supporting their foreign students on the matter . A local, Executive Director with Euro Tech , claims that this is a pure case of racial discrimination against the Nigerians. He too is a Kerelite but blames the residents, who he heard yelling slogans against the students, addressing them as monkeys and asking them to go back!

Well, Nigerian nationals have spread in many parts of the country and have been accepted well in cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata. These nationals need not be students necessarily and it has been rare that they offend the Indian society with their behaviour or act. Considering the incident being true where one student dared to harass school-girls by un-zipping his pants, it’s that particular student who should be held accountable and not the community as a whole. Indians who themselves have been discriminated on racial grounds by whites , arabs and even blacks, in many countries, have never retaliated to foreign guests on racial grounds. That is not our culture.
It is understood if a White guy finds a Black guy completely different or vice – versa but not us. India is not only a blend of culture and religion it is also a blend of skin colours where some Indians can win competitions of being darker than Nigerians while some can compete with the white-skinned Americans, as well.


Brett Lee fractures toe


How Brett Lee may have fractured his toe in the 2nd Twenty20 between India and Australia ?

Australian Fast – Bowler, Brett Lee is out of Commonwealth Bank Series due to broken foot during 2nd Twenty20 at the MCG on Friday, 3rd February’2012. Lee is expected to be out for four to six weeks due to the fracture of the small toe. He has been replaced by Ben Hilfenhaus who had given trouble to Indian batsmen in the Test Series.

Recalling about the 2nd Twenty20 Match between Australia and India where India recorded its first win, Brett Lee had used his foot to stop a full-connect, straight shot from Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s bat. It was Lee who was bowling to Dhoni and a straight shot hit by Dhoni was intervened by Lee, immediately after which he was noticed shaking his foot, out of pain. Although he completed his last over , Lee’s pain was visible to anyone witnessing the match on their televisions. It may be the impact of the ball which hit directly on his foot that led to the fracture. Australia lost the match, yet they undoubtedly gave a tough fight till the last over of the match.


Uttar Pradesh Elections – Haunting Nights For Political Parties!

Haunting Dreams prior to Elections

Satish Chandra Mishra , the BSP(Bahujan Samaj Party) National General Secretary in his public speeches, has been heard, taunting at Rahul Gandhi that  BSP symbol ‘Elephant’ haunts Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in his dreams.

With the trending support for Samajwadi Partyin Uttar Pradesh, led by Mulayam Singh Yadav, it might not be wrong to think if SP symbol, ‘Cycle’ may be haunting  BSP supremo and Satish Mishra .

Uttar Pradesh has been witnessing series of non-stop rallies and public – meetings from all parties acussing opponents and praising their respective parties. It is the Uttar Pradesh public which would decide fate of the parties. Hopfully, they select the right political party as it would effect the fate of nation as well.

Smoking Is Injurious…Even After Death!

Smoking not only effects your own health but it is also injurious to the health of people inhaling the same air, around you. Smoking in Public Place is Lawfully Banned in India but rarely people abide by it . If you are smoking at home, you are making your family passive smoker. By Smoking you are sharing the poision with people around you.

Quit Smoking ! Make World A Better Place To Breathe !

Yuvi diagnosed Cancer ?

Get Well Soon Yuvi.

It has been reported that on 26th January 2012, Yuvraj Singh, the Indian Left-Handed batsman and all-rounder is undergoing chemotherapy in the Cancer Research Institute in Boston after being diagnosed with the first stage of cancer.In October a  non-malignant tumour was detected in his left lung, which made him declare his absence from Team India for at least 5 months.

Dr. Jatin Chaudhary his present physiotherapist has assured the cancerous tumor is surely curable as it is in the first stage and no surgery is required. The doctor also confirmed delayed detection of cancer was due to wrong diagnosis by Indian Hospital. It has been also assured , Yuvraj would be fully recovered by April and would be back in the game by May 2012.

Well, Cricket fans not only in India but all over the world would pray and hope to see the great athlete back in the Indian side and of course in IPL . He has been awarded Man of the Tournament in the last World Cup and has yet to achieve loads on the field. His being in the Indian side matters immensely.

The point of concern is about the Health Institutions of India as well. Wrong diagnosis has always been common reasons of concern in the country which has landed so many people closer to death. Not all can afford to go to the US to get cured. Are there any strict laws to punish the Health Institutions who risk lives by conducting wrong diagnosis ?


Sahara Pulls-Out its Sponsorship from Indian Cricket

Sahara on Saturday, February 4th 2012, ended its over 10 year old sponsorship tie-up with the BCCI on grounds of denial of flexibility in IPL rules.IPL chairman and senior member of the BCCI, Rajeev Shukla, declared the incident unfortunate and also indicated the show will go on.
Sahara owns IPL Pune franchise and has decided to pull-out itself from the upcoming IPL tournament.
Well, Indian Cricket Fans, habituated with the Sahara logo on Team India Jersy would surely miss Sahara.

Supreme Court to hear Army Chief’s Plea over His Age Dispute!

General Vijay Kumar Singh’s filed petition to resolve the issue of his Date Of Birth would be heard by the Supreme Court today  and this is the first  time an army chief  has sued the government. Before the Court Session started the General had a meeting with Senior Leader of Congress, Pranab Mukherjee. It was anticipated that the meeting was to settle down the matter out of court.

The reason of dispute is two sets of records held in two branches of the army headquarters.The army chief, though, claiming he was born in May 10th,1951 as per his matriculation certificate – which is considered legal document to establish a proof of age. His complaint is that his age records were never corrected by different army branches and that the documents carrying the wrong year of birth should have been verified with the matriculation certificate. He admits a mistake made in filling up the UPSC form. The government however considered May 10th, 1950 as his date of birth on the basis of UPSC form and claims to have several other documents which can prove General’s year of Birth as 1950. The government also claims that General Singh could not seek any change in records after two years as per rules and this enough reason against General’s claim to consider 1951 as his year of birth now. 

Whatever the court’s decision may be , one thing is clear that there are severe flaws in maintainance of records by the Indian army which came into limelight , thanks to the dispute. How come contradictory records were being maintained by the army for so long and no one bothered reconciling it. It was only when General raised the dispute, was it exposed. Now , what is the guarantee that this is the only case and in future no other army officer would highlight similar issues?