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Kapil Dev wants Sachin Tendulkar to retire !

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Kapil Dev wants Sachin to retire

With many others, now stands Kapil Dev,the former Indian captain and the first to make India proud of winning the World Cup of 1983. He wants Sachin to retire at the earliest now. Of the view that he should have rather retired before the 2011 world-cup and at least after that, he feels age factor is taking a toll on the Master Blaster!

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Why should not Sachin retire without making 100th century?

While there are continued criticisms faced by Sachin  still not retiring and most believe it is his 100th century what he is playing for, one should not forget at the end records do matter. Among many other records which the great batsman has earned the awaited century would surely be the biggest, if at all the critics allow him to continue. Sachin Tendulkar when compared to the young Indian cricketers is not playing that bad. Who in the team is playing great ? Is it Suresh Raina , Jadeja , Rohit Sharma , who ? Sachin is playing lot better than one would have expected out of a man of his age. Critics wanted him to retire 5 years back but he came back and showed his worth. And why should he not think of records ? Although he has been  ‘One Man Army’ many a times in the past , winning matches for India, single-handedly , he has never been a reason of India losing. With due respect to the great player Kapil Dev, it should also be noticed that during the ending phase of his career, none of the opponent batsmen ever hesitated scoring boundaries of Kapil’s bowl. In fact he would stand very expensive many a times and yet he did not quit till he broke the record of Richard Hadlee of 433 wickets!

Shahrukh Khan Brand Ambassador of West Bengal !

After Big B-Amitabh and Aamir Khan  it is the King of Khans Shahrukh who has become Brand – Ambassador of a state. While Aamir represents the country as a whole , Amitabh represents Gujarat and now it is the changed Bengal which decided to bag in the Kolkata Knight Rider Team owner , Shahrukh Khan to represent the state. West Bengal is a state of Mountains and Hills and Sea-shore as well. The remains of the British Empire are equally worth visiting. However, the state somehow did not promote tourism in the state. With the change of the Government,Mamata Banerjee took the initiative of improving tourism in the state and the present advertising technique being appointing a famous Bollywood Star as the Brand-Ambassador of the state, Shahrukh got the opportunity. 

Probable Shahrukh And Bengal Connections!

Shahrukh’s movies have always done relatively better in Kolkata since the beginning of his career. His fan base in Kolkata is very stable hence even worst of his movies do relatively better here. There is no denying that he has strong fan base world-wide and all over the country but Bengal somehow stands the most stable. No big deal , if that might have attracted King Khan to own Kolkata Knight Riders as a way of saying thankyou and thereby keeping his popularity intact and now with a decision of being the brand-ambassador for the state he surely won over the hearts in Bengal. Shahrukh not only considered a great actor but also a clever businessman , is bound to capitalize the opportunity and with him being the representative of the state it is sure that tourism in the state of Bengal would see good times. After all , Bengal has too many varieties to offer ranging from British History , to Hill-Stations and Sea-Shores.

BMC Elections-Sena BJP alliance wins again

With the total of 106 seats the Sena -BJP alliance stood out of all speculations of being thrown out this time in the country’s richest civic body election – BMC.

The NCP – Congress Alliance got 66 seats while 28 seats went to MNS. 27 went others including independent candidates out of the total 227 seats. Joining hands with some independent candidates the Sena-BJP would be back in power of BMC.

While much was anticipated about MNS nothing seemed impressive enough to shake the ruling Sena-BJP alliance out from the throne of BMC.

Raj Thackeray analysed low-turnouts of voters as the major reason of Sena’s win and also the alliance of BJP. Well, reasons may be whatever, results clearly state that Raj Thackeray and his MNS has a long way to go unearth the Shiv Sena and divert Sena supporters.

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Facebook helped Kolkata woman trace her rapists?

Is Kolkata also unsafe for Women in the city ?

Kolkata – A woman in her late 30s filed an FIR against 5 people accusing them of gang-raping her in a moving car, on gun-point. She had met them in a Night Club last Sunday. She happened to trace them out on Facebook and took all of their snaps and presented it to the Police which is also accused of being reluctant. Initialy she was denied a copy of FIR as well which she managed to get today. The victim is  waiting for her medical reports. Meanwhile , the people accused are breathing free air!

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The national capital has been experiencing such incident quite frequently but this time it is the city of joy – Kolkata  which has developed doubts on the security of womankind in the city!

Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter may be a major cause of concern for urban parents who cannot drag their kids away from the computers but surely it has also been a great medium of social awareness amongst its users. In this case , Facebook has played a great role by helping the victim find the culprits. Had facebook not been there , who knows if the incident would have been forgotten as worst nightmare by the victim herself. She did not have any clue as to who these people were as she had met them probably just few hours before and forsure their gesture and appearence would not have raised warnings to the victim as it is normally believed that only cultured, literate and polished people visit Night Clubs of Five Star Hotels.

16th February’2012

Details of the Incident as explained on Telegraph Newspaper:

The incident happened on February 5th between Park Street and Exide Crossing in a Moving Honda Car(the victim does not recall if it was Civic or City).

The victim is a single parent to two daughters and stays in Behala with her mother and daughters.

The incident was explained to Lalbazar Police Station on Wednesday till mid-night and the cops had yet not given any formal response till then. An FIR was however lodged on 8th February.

The Disagreements at the initial stages of investigation as claimed by cops :

The key suspect as mentioned by the victim was in Canada and is said to be there since January 1st. While one of the suspect is being claimed to be attending religious ceremony at home and supported by her family and relatives.

Also the phone records of the suspects did not indicate that they were in Park Street on the very same day at around that time when the incident took place.

The cops also claim to have had a word with around 80 witnesses on the matter.

Incident Narrated by Victim to News Channel Star Ananda:

On Sunday, 5th February she had goe to her family club in Park Street at around 9:15 pm and met friends there. They drank some beer there when a friends suggested to go to a pub nearby and they went had some more beer there. She was accompanied by a male and a female friend one of whom again suggested to go to a Discotheque which was renovated.It was about 12 am then.At around 12:45 am her friends left and she said she would leave after some time as she wanted to drink one more beer. She explained , she have been keeping upset since last 2 months due to some financial problems and other petty issues. While the friends left, she noticed a guy staring at her sitting across the bar with his friends. Then he came and introduced himself and his two friends among the many who were there. They started having casual talks when the guy revealed he owned a Call-Centre and to this she replied she had once worked in a call-centre but ha to leave due to some issues. Knowing this the guy threw an offer at him of joining his office as he was looking for an HR person. While talking she noticed it was about 1:30 am and she should leave as it was getting too late and told the same to the guy. However, the guy told she can be dropped home by him as he has got his car parked outside and insisted to drop her at least till any nearest taxi-stand. The guy seemed decent enough to reject the offer hence she agreed.

When she and the guy got in , at the back they were joined by 3 more guys out of whom two sat at the back with the lead-culprit and the victim and one in front. The car had a driver as well. As explained by her once the car took speed the body-language of the guys changed and one of them pulled her jacket. When she asked them to stop the car and let her go one of them started hitting her in stomach and on the face and also caught her by hairs. While she kept pleading the guy took out a gun and placed it in her mouth and threatened to kill her if she kept screaming and resisting. She also mentioned these people were talking in Hindi.

Once they were done they pushed her out of the Car near Exide from where she fortunately got a taxi while sitting there helpless and stunned for a while. She went back home and her condition was self-explanatory to her mother who somehow managed to ease her up. She was willing to forget the incident initially as the guys had threatened to harm and kill her if she reported to the cops. After the support from close relatives she summoned up all the guts to file the FIR . She managed to trace the snaps of the guys on Facebook and gave the same to the cops to investigate.

Well, initial investigations reveal many disagreements including the main – suspect being in Canada since January 1st and other people involved did not show their mobile phones around Park Street at the time of incident. More is yet to be revealed as the Medical Report of the victim is awaited.

BJP Ministers to attend morality and discipline lessons in Karnataka!

Karnataka  BJP Chief K.S. Eswarappa has informed the party intends to organize lessons on morality and discipline to the party members in the state. Chintan-Manthan is what the session is named and is due to be held on Feb24th and Feb25th. The initiative has been taken by the state party after repeated allegations on its ministers starting from cases of porn viewing in assembly,to land scandals , rape and other corruption charges!

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Political Leaders of the past were considered respectable and had  mass – following because of their disciplined life and firm principles and ideologies and now is the situation when mass-leaders become political leaders and hold important offices and then thanks to their deeds are required to attend morality and discipline lessons to be respectable individuals.

Veena Malik denies being an ISI agent !

Early, this year, a complaint against Veena Malik’s semi nude photograph published in an Indian magazine with an ISI tattoo on hand has brought her back in news. An FIR from Mahidul Hassan, the imam of mosque in Jamia Nagar,Delhi alleges Malik of hurting public sentiments because of her semi-nude photo on the cover page of a magazine and also claiming her to be staying in India for spying for ISI. Delhi Police on 14th February’2012 told the court probing progress on the complaint that Veena Malik had denied all allegations and has declared that her photo was worked – upon by the magazine company and that she has not posed nude. Also she denied any relation with Pakistani Intelligence, ISI. Detailed hearing on the matter is scheduled on March 2nd this year!

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Well,controversies around Bollywood stars and strugglers always create a hype thereby keeping them remembered and also helps them get work in the showbiz. The controversial magazine photograph where she is seen posing almost nude with an ISI tattoo on her arm has surely got her back in limelight after Big Boss 4 and has given her some Bollywood Item numbers. So far it has helped her and time will let us know if this publicity stunt ends of costing her career in Bollywood.

Raj Thackeray’s Answer on Uncle Bal Thackeray’s Offer!



In a recent interview , Sena Supremo Bal Thackeray had made an open offer to rebel nephew , Raj Thackeray also the Supremo of  MNS (another Sena, split out of Shiv Sena) to take a first step ahead and he is open to accept Raj back in Shiv Sena. The doors of Shiv Sena are always open for Raj provided he initiates.

Answering this Raj opened his heart out saying he could walk 100 steps for his uncle Bal Thackeray whom he claimed still respects very much and also declared his grudge against  the functioning of Uddhav Thackeray , the son of the Shiv Sena Supremo and other Sena leaders! He explained about his services in Shiv Sena were only limited to addressing rallies prior to elections while key jobs were handled by others.

Well, this is not a hidden fact that Uddhav and Raj never got along with each other and hence it was Raj who had to take a call, either to be in the Shiv Sena and keep doing as being told or leave politics . However, he had other things in mind and hence floated his own party. The Unique Selling Point of the new party remained the same as the Sena’s where love for state of Maharashtra and Marathis were highlighted. The only difference was Shiv Sena with the advent of time since birth had become a little diplomatic as they had tied – up with national level parties while the new Sena , being a new – born baby and desperate to make its presence felt , has been aggressive towards portraying as a party just for Marathis.

Raj Thackeray has been following the footsteps of his uncle exactly , so far hence more than other opponent political parties , it’s the MNS which is becoming a bigger challenge for Shiv Sena as both share the common vote-bank of Marathi Manus.