About “MySay.in”


MySay.in was floated with the primary intention of voicing out opinions on political and social issues in the motherland which has crippled India’s progress since the days of Independence. To voice out against ills prevailing in the society and for waking up fellow Indians. Incidentally this site was born while Team Anna was growing (may be that was the impact 😉 ) and as the India Against Corruption Movement gradually kept fading out the broken heart of two Indians( me and a great friend- who had decided to voice out opinions on MySay.in ) started feeling we had participated in a ‘got-up’ war . The ‘great’ friend decided to go back to investing more time in earning bread( whole wheat only 🙂 ) while the one who has written all this ( me ) felt left out with no sense of writing.

But I had to express myself on political and social issues of the nation as in my opinion strong and ethical politics is the base to formulate visionary policies and to implement the same to make any nation strong. Healthy Satire was the only weapon I could think about, still, writing was(is) not my cup-of-tea/coffee. Hence, cartoons. Something, I have loved since the very time I could follow newspapers. Reading comics and trying to draw my toon superheroes was a passion since my ‘half-pant’ days. The last few pages of all my notebooks were reserved for doodling while the teachers would explain their share of subjects and chapters.

MySay.in is a sincere attempt to make viewers smile ( because i hate constipated facial expressions 🙂 ) ! It is mostly(not necessarily) the current affairs, in the country and the world around that compel me to express views-My Say…My Way ! India being my motherland is as sacred as my mother and  is the religion beyond the one I follow, inculcated deep within, a reason to be proud and feel secure and my basic identity. Hence, reaction on issues relating to the country is my obvious  right and I express my views  most of the times.

Also to inform, I am horrible with cooking and also bad with opining my views in writing. All the recipes in the site are my ‘great’ friend’s and so are his written political opinions. Thanks to him and I hope to drag him back to expressing views on politics and writing more ‘Party Snack Recipes‘.

Coming back to the political cartoons, I understand, there are imaginary lines(considerably thick) between Sarcasm,Criticism and Disrespect and thankfully I not only know the limits but also limit myself to criticizing, at the most, as disrespecting would surely bring the same in return while criticism and sarcasm may pass on my point and may change things and thoughts, for good !

“Even Poor Jokes are  a distinguished  category of jokes which need real specialists to be narrated well to the world” – Jacked Roberts 🙂