Ordeal Of Stray Dogs In Lockdown

If you think I am trying to be funny, let me tell you, I am not!

I have literally noticed these poor souls looking at people with masks and gloves on them and staring at them, all confused. The confusion is whether to bark or not. And with everyone adding a face mask to mandatory apparel, the stray dogs seem to be all the more confused. Good lord, the lockdown has allowed them a breather as you can’t hang around late nights. Those, who would show them arrogance and/or love(depending on their mood after 5 pegs), walking back all drunk, late at nights, have vanished. However, the poor animals, seem to be all confused when they see masked men all around and a few of them brisk walking and some, to make matters worse, are running. You can literally find the difference in opinions between a group of four or five. Mostly, the peaceful ones win. But what if one of those masked men running is literally a thief? So runners/joggers should think about the dilemma we are putting these awesome souls into. Shouldn’t we?

2 thoughts on “Ordeal Of Stray Dogs In Lockdown”

  1. Seriously!
    They might have been wondering where all the crowds were. And now all those 2-legged creatures are our wear something funny over their faces!

    I remember reading about someplace in Thailand that had monkeys starved because there weren’t any tourists around to feed them. So every time they came across food of some kind they were getting violent in attempts to secure it.

    We really mustn’t be feeding them and messing with their ability to find food for themselves.

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