China and the World in 2020

From coronavirus to Hong Kong anti-govt protests to the yet another stand-off between India and China on the LAC, China has been making news since the beginning of the year. They have land disputes with almost all the neighbours be it Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Japan. Even Tibet has been included in China by force. Recently, some land in Nepal has also been taken over by the Chinese. They are also known to give loans to countries, failing which Sri Lanka had to lease its port to China to pay off the debt. China is the single largest creditor to African countries and around 20 percent of all African government debt is owed to China.

Like in the case of India, China claims Arunachal Pradesh, parts of Himachal, Sikkim, parts of Ladakh, just wondering if they somehow presume the world belonged to China at some point in history. Are they on a mission to take over all countries by fighting battles, intruding inside, and giving loans?

Is it really time, the world needs to think about how China became a manufacturing unit of the world and now dominates world politics with its financial power? It has been alleged that the world media is under their control because of their money power. Even the mighty countries like the USA and Israel think twice about dealing with China. Somehow, only one country seems to have an upper edge on the Chinese, and it seems the Chinese never intend to mess with and that is Russia. This is just my perception. Not well versed and well-read in geopolitics and moreover do not find it interesting enough. Crooked brains looking for opportunities to dominate each other, in a nutshell. On that note, this cartoon:

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