Singer, Sonu Nigam tweet about Azaan waking him up in the mornings has become a buzz word on social media. Some calling it publicity stunt. Some calling it genuine issue. Some feel Sonu Nigam is right as he is talking about the ‘decibel rules’ – the noise pollution norms of the nation being rejected because of early morning Azaans.

No matter what, the way the point was put across cannot be appreciated as it sounds rude and demeaning. All the more, with BJP government taking over states and nation in polls, some feel it is indirect way of imposing ‘Hindutva’ on minorities ( muslims, mostly ).

More so, because in the name of faith all parties in India take law casually and the administration normally avoids hurting ‘public sentiments’. So that is the way it has been continuing and surely shall remain so as to avoid social media clash of clans, at least. Blaming followers of any one faith is partiality for sure. 

This is a matter of self-consciousness for individuals, leaders of faiths and the society as in whole to realize where to draw lines. The followers of faiths should also respect the atheists in the nation as they might get bugged up by sounds of Azaan and Aarti equally, who knows. And India gives equal rights to them too.

On a lighter note, what Sonu Nigam can do now is he can start doing ‘riaz’ during the hours of Azaan to keep his hands occupied on harmonium and not on mobile to tweet. Will solve the issue, if at all it is. Again it is just a suggestion!

cartoon on sonu nigam tweeting against azaan,

What’s your take on this ?