It all started with a video going viral about Inferior quality food served to soldiers, made by a jawan.. then video on how jawans were made to do house work of seniors and now CRPF jawans being heckled by Kashmiri commoners returning from bypoll duties.

cartoon on sufferings of Indian armed forces

Will the Real Bhaqt Please Stand Up ?

This is not the usual ‘silent’ UPA govt which was popular to condemn and condemn strictly and condemn only when Pak would kill Indian jawans. It is disappointing to notice that the nationalist govt under the leadership of PM Modi is yet to take any stern action favouring the army jawans who risk their lives to save the nation from enemies.

This is the least expected from BJP govt. The nation which has been supporting the party and PM Modi may have had questions too on mind when such videos surfaced previously. Soon there were news the army jawan who complained about food quality was detained and tortured by BSF. Conspiracy theories cannot be denied behind all these allegations but at the same time there is no smoke without fire.

We may be supporting any political party in the nation but when it comes to the armed forces we should stand united in their favour because it is they who are doing the ‘tough’ job of ensuring we breathe in free air. Not including likes of Omar Khalid, Kanhaiya Kumar or Gurmeher as they have declared they still need azadi.

Seeking answers on these topics one should not fear that his / her bhaqt status would or should be questioned. Bhaqts are pro-nation and so is the army and so a bhaqt has a bigger responsibility to question the welfare of another set of bhaqts standing on LOC.

A lot of us may have heard our PM Modi making a pledge to citizens to stand up in respect of Indian army wherever we get to see them. Felt good ! He made so much sense. Like me, I am sure, many would have started standing in respect and thanking the army jawans when they get to see them around.

Is standing in respect of army when we see them, is all ?

But is that all ? Who will address their concerns ? Who will stand by them when they have issues ? Bollywood movies have shown many a times, that a soldier is not expected to crib about situations. A popular dialogue from the movie ‘Prahar’ of Nana Pateker – ” Mushkil Waqt. Cammando Saqt. ” made me feel it is so much different to be in the armed forces than to lead a common citizen’s life. Now I guess, I know the difference. We can shout when in pain. If they do it will be considered violation of code of conduct of army, I presume.

Do rectify me, if you feel, I am wrong somewhere.