Human beings are indeed animals and no matter how much we behave self-tamed the ‘wild’ inside shows up at frequent intervals.

Logic, common sense and humanity face brutal attacks and deaths quite frequently, all around the globe.  We are animals ready to attack not only out of fear but unlike most of other animals, also to showcase supremacy.

A few days back, an Indian techie from Hyderabad was shot dead in America as the shooter considered him ‘ threat’ to America because of his skin colour.

We Indians felt bad and insecure.

Few days after, we did the same. Few African students were attacked by separate mobs after the death of a teenager in Noida allegedly due to drug over doze.  Few  Nigerians caught for drug-peddling in the past became the reason all Africans became  soft target of the angry mob which considered every Nigerian was to be held responsible for drug-peddling.

Cartoon on racial attacks in world,

Basically, it was same response. Stereotypical ! White attacking Brown in the USA and Brown attacking Black in India. Attack out of fear and/or myth of supremacy.

By the time, we came in terms with racist attacks, a mob  of cow vigilantes decided to take law in hand, attacking “alleged” cow-smugglers and killing one of them.   

cartoon on Cow vigilantes kill alleged cow smuggler in Alwar, Rajasthan

Again, faith was held responsible for the act of showcasing supremacy and/ or the act of fear.