6 thoughts on “Indian Politicians Doodle”

  1. Bhakts! Closes-minded followers without free thought and courage to question. Stop being that! THis one’s alright. But, from the others, I can say – Stop being a bunch of Bhakts!
    He’s an autocrat. Fight against tyranny and for FREEDOM!

    1. Lol !! Dear Raj or the Non-Bhakts.. I am not a part of your ” Clash of Clans ” . Neither a Bhaqt … nor a “fake Freedom ” seeker. When you ask me to “Stop” doing what I am .. even you resemble an autocrat .. don’t you ? 😀
      Now coming to your freedom part..don’t sell me your “freedom chocolate”. You have lot many idiots in the nation.. fool them.
      Keep visiting. And Get Well Soon. 😉

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