Cartoon | Making of Kanhaiya Kumar

Congratulations Nation!!

We got our yet another politician .. after Hardik Patel (although not that successful) and Arvind Kejriwal (half the credit goes to Anna Hazare for the making of Kejriwal 😀 ). The politician production house aka the media did a commendable job finding out this new talent among numerous contenders with the help of clueless administration. And now he is a new hero slapped on our faces, regardless.

Mr Azadi Kumar – The poor child of mother media has managed to make it to the top and to explain to the world that carefully tailored catchy statement – ” Don’t want ‘azadi’ from India but in India “.  Freedom from ?? Same old stuff- poverty, caste system, inequality of women, etc etc. So ?? What’s new ?? 😀

A new politician !! Congratulations again, dear Nation. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Cartoon | Making of Kanhaiya Kumar”

  1. Deplorable state of affairs with the fourth estate encouraging such unscrupulous elements..loved your caricature…wish in reality I could mock them so well!!!

  2. well the issues still affect india though a lot has been done to eradicate such things…but why should we be in solidarity with afzal guru…?? he should have been publicly hanged in kashmir for kashmiris to learn a very big lesson.

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