Be CSK owner or BCCI President – SC to Srinivasan

The Supreme Court has ordered BCCI chief in exile, N Srinivasan, that he can only be eligible for elections for the post of president of BCCI if he disowns Chennai Super Kings Team of IPL. In other words, he cannot enjoy the post of BCCI president and a Team franchise owner at the same time as both the positions create conflict of interests. The Supreme Court also sited that although there are no proofs but there is a strong probability that Srinivasan was involved in IPL corruption.
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  1. His belly will now go in once he let go of one of the money earning monkeys. Awesome illustration.
    Jack. Do you remember me?
    I think I am back into blogging again. And I also plan to visit your archive and watch all the wonderful cartoons that I missed.

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