IPL Scam:SC wants BCCI elections without corrupt officials

In a major set back to ICC Chairman , N Srinivasan (and suspended BCCI chairman), the Supreme Court wants Chennai Super Kings Team to be disqualified. After the Mudgal report which found Meiyappan , son-in-law of N Srinivasan owner of Team CSK being involved in betting.
The Court has also asked to conduct fresh elections for BCCI excluding officials with tainted image in IPL spot-fixing Scam. Srinivasan, on the other hand, wants a clean chit from the court to contest for the post of BCCI president yet again.
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Amit Shah's rally denied approval in Kolkata

The BJP has knocked the door of the Kolkata High Court thrice now after being denied  approval for Amit Shah’s rally in outside Victoria Hall , a popular site ideally preferred by TMC Supremo, CM- Mamata Banerjee.  Although the BJP had applied for the ground in July, five months later – last week, the police rejected the request citing traffic problems. The city’s civic body and the fire department also reportedly cited lack of proper sketch of the stage plan as the reason for disapproval.
Is planting ‘lotus’ in Bengal so easy in our didi’s reign?
Amit Shah who has been the ‘key’ knight for Modi in General Elections cracking difficult states like Uttar Pradesh in BJP’s favour and Maharashtra in State Elections, has a tougher competition to face.
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Why Manmohan Singh was not questioned-HC asks CBI

The Special Court slammed the CBI over its handling of the Hindalco coal block allocation case, asking why wasn’t former prime minister Manmohan Singh questioned in the case.
Well, what is the answer expected from CBI in this regards ?
Guess, people remember former PM’s popular statement on the ‘Coalgate’ issue raised in the Parliament – ” Hazaaron Jawabon Se Acchi Hai Meri Khamoshi…”
Here is the cartoon drawn on lost files in Coalgate case where the PM kept silent against the acquisitions of the opposition.
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Mulayam Singh accuses PM Modi of copying him

Mulayam Singh Yadav, the SP supremo has accused PM Narendra Modi of “copying” his schemes of adopting villages and constructing toilets while addressing a function in UP’s capital Lucknow. Building toilets and adopting villages, he claims to have done long back in 1990.
Is that all he copied ? 😀  😉
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Shahi Imam Syed Bukhari anoints his son as successor

The Delhi High court has declared the ceremony of anointment of Shuban Bukhari as the successor of his father Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari as the Naib Imam of Jama Masjid has no legal sanctity. The Court has questioned the Waqf Board as to why they have not taken any action against the Imam and has issued notice to and sought responses of the Centre, Wakf Board and Imam Bukhari on the three PILs challenging the Imam’s decision to appoint his son as the Naib Imam. The Centre had said that Jama Masjid is a Wakf property and it has to decide how the rule of primogeniture applies on anointment of new Shahi Imam. The court, however, did not ask ‘stay’ the ceremony.
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SEO Interview questions and answers

While Search Engine Optimization is one serious business on the planet of Internet, and more and more people can answer basic questions like :
Who is an SEO?
What is Organic Traffic?
What is Social Media Marketing?
What is SEO Strategy?
here is how an experienced SEO would answer these questions :
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Godman Sant Rampal ultimately arrested

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Arrested after 3 days of conflict between his (Rampal’s) followers and the Haryana Police, godman Rampal, is in bigger trouble as the Punjab and Haryana High Court cancelled the bail granted to him in the 2006 murder case. Self-styled godman Sant Rampal has been dodging appearance before the High Court on 3 dates on health grounds. When the arrest warrant was ultimately issued against him, his followers turned his Hisar Ashram into a fort where allegedly the followers had lot of ammunition to rage a war against the invading cops.
Anyways, where is Rampal’s next preaching session ??
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People watched Modi on Our Laptops-Mulayam Singh

SP supremo and father of UP CM-Akhilesh Yadav, Mulayam Singh has blamed the UP govt’s project of distributing laptops to students as the major reason of UP voting for Modi in Genral Elections. He said, on his laptops ( although the money spent on the laptops is from the Govt funds) people watched Modi and voted for him in General elections. All claps for that funny excuse.
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