Cong will come on streets if NDA fails to bring down inflation!

Former Union Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal of congress who lost to MM Joshi of BJP this General Elections, said Congress will take to the streets if NDA govt does not bring down inflation in next 3 months as promised in BJP’s manifesto.
Did the BJP really commit to bring down inflation in 3 months which the Congress led UPA govt could not bring down throughout its second tenure , is a matter of inspection.  However,is the Congress left to do anything else other than taking to the streets ? The party has reduced to 44 seats falling short of even standing as a main opposition party.
“….Ab Congress waale kya karenge ???? …… arey protest karenge .. protest karenge … protest karenge ”      😀    😉
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By the way, Digvijaya Singh of Congress who was always heard accusing and addressing Modi with disrespect pre-election results has changed the way he addresses Modi now .   😉  Looks like Digvijaya ji has got the message loud . Quite loud!!!   😀
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And Nitish Kumar of JD(u) who left the alliance of NDA,last year,and was heard criticizing Modi has resigned as the CM of Bihar. This step has been taken because few MLAs of his party decided to join BJP after a shameful loss of seats in the state. To save the party from splitting Nitish Kumar has decided to sacrifice his seat.
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  1. hahaha All the above are hilarious. They just show how very inane our politicians ask. I wonder if they know that people are not fools and do not get fooled.

    1. true that .. its time for people of India to make politicians dance on their tunes .. No work no vote .. and that will happen … only when religious and caste divides are not entertained by the people anymore. There should be only one categorization – Indian

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