Waiting for May 16 Poll Results?

The entire nation is waiting for the 2014 Election Poll Results to be announced on May 16th, desperately.
What about the students who are giving the exam?   😀   😀    😀
Lets check!!
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…. and someone will Celebrate freedom on the day ..
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0 thoughts on “Waiting for May 16 Poll Results?”

  1. The Die is cast
    With only 41 seats of Lok Sabha remaining to be voted upon tomorrow , the die is cast
    Outcome of those 41 seats is unlikely to make much of a difference to who will form the next Government at the Centre
    If BJP falls short of 272 seats , ” Aya Ram , Gaya Ram ” horse-trading will settle the issue
    But what will send a loud and clear message across India is ,
    ” Who wins in Varanasi ? ”
    It is no more a question of Congress vs BJP
    Or , a question of David vs Goliath
    It is no more a question of choosing between , lesser of the two evils
    Even if AAP has made a few honest mistakes and occasionally , compromised on lofty principles , for the first time , people of Varanasi have a choice
    To choose between the least of the THREE EVILS !
    There are no ABSOLUTE standards by which to judge political parties
    There are only RELATIVE standards – and , even these keep shifting
    If you think , some of the AAP members – and even , some of its leaders – are susceptible to making immoral compromises , you are entitled to your opinion – which is your right
    And Arvind Kejriwal would be the first person to defend your right
    Let us ask ourselves ,
    ” Who is the Least Corrupt of the three ?
    Who do I deserve ?
    Who is likely to resign if he cannot fulfill his poll-promises ? ”
    BJP came into power in Gujarat on 26 Dec 2012 , by promising :
    ” If voted to power , we will construct 50 lakh houses for the poor in next 5 years ”
    In the 500 days since BJP came to power , Gujarat Government should have built , and distributed , 13,69,863 homes
    To find the truth , file a RTI application – without expecting any answer !
    Of course , by 20th May , expect NaMo to resign as Gujarat CM
    Not for having failed to fulfill his promise to people of Gujarat
    But , to fulfill his poll-promise to people of India , that , if voted to power , BJP will construct 100 Mega-Cities in next 5 years
    That is one Chandigarh or Gandhi-Nagar , every 18 days !
    Hopefully , P C Sorkar ( jr ) will help out with a Mirage !
    * hemen parekh ( 11 May 2014 / Mumbai )

    1. None keep promises… be it any political party .. and it is all about electing between a pure corrupt a semi corrupt and a budding corrupt..
      Argument and debates on politics may never stop .. its just like religion… everyone has a reason to back his faith up.. be it political inclination or belief in his/her form of worship.
      Changing people wont bring change .. changing mentalities is mandatory.
      He/She who says .. Nation first .. will have to prove Nation first with his/her deeds.
      Logically there is sensible hierarchy which makes a responsible Nation and nationals : Nation first .. but Humanity foremost ! Discrimination and reservations … in the name of colour caste creed sex state language and faith will all die their own death.
      But the worst part is .. forget the existing parties .. even the new revolutionary party AAP is getting involved in same old methods of luring minorities .. for votes. Why ?
      A minority votes for safety ..only safety in India .. and every party is keen to provide safety(in promises) to them for votes.. and so much this has continued since last 65 years and above that now being a majority in the country sounds unsafe.
      In India , we look for heroes.. to be their blind fans .. be it any leader .. the nation has the habit of closing their eyes and support the heroes.. be our filmy heroes or the heroes who have made political parties … regional politics is the biggest example .. Congress itself is an example of people looking upon them as the rulers of the nation for decades.
      Till we develop the idea that all of us are heroes and we can be led only and till the leader deserves the post .. we will achieve success and contentment.
      I need a reason to believe Mera Bharat Mahan and that should be the goal of every citizen in the nation.
      Jai Hind!

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