Sonia Gandhi appeals voters to defeat divisive forces

In a short tv speech , Sonia Gandhi,the Congress President is seen appealing to the people of India to defeat the ‘divisive and autocratic forces’ in the nation. She attacked the BJP by claiming their vision is clouded with hatred and falsehood.
Looks like , its little too late now. Had it not been better Congress would have worked all this while ?? Will this last minute appeal really work for Congress ??
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0 thoughts on “Sonia Gandhi appeals voters to defeat divisive forces”

  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    In 1937 , Walt Disney produced ( in 2D / Black & White ) , a film ,
    “ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs “
    Around the World , this fairy tale became immensely popular , among children and adults , alike
    Closer at home , in 2014 , Narendra Modi crafted a colorful and 3D holographic film, titled ,
    “ Sonia and the Thirty-Nine Dwarfs “
    [ – also known as Congress Working Committee ]
    This became hugely popular in villages and towns of India
    And parents started teaching their tiny tots , a brand new nursery rhyme ,
    “ Madam – Baba sat on a throne
    Madam – Baba had a great fall
    All the Congress yes-men
    And all the UPA dwarfs
    Could not put Madam and Baba
    Together again “
    But surprise of surprise !
    For the Nth time , the yes-men were singing , in unison ,
    “ No !
    No , we won’t accept your resignations “
    Among those 39 dwarfs , sat a puppet , who had earlier called Narendra Modi , “ Impotent “
    Little realizing that he would himself , be playing that role when election dust settles !
    Never before in the history of India , have so few inflicted so much misery on so many – and for so long !
    It is high time the dwarfs fade away from our collective memory !
    * hemen Parekh ( 21 May 2014 / Mumbai )

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