Pied Pipers Of Indian Politics

Remember, the Pied Piper nursery rhyme?
With the arrival of 2014 accompanying AAP govt in the national capital,the battle of 2014 General Elections is becoming intense and the results are looking unpredictable,yet again. In between, it seemed,BJP led by Narendra Modi with the mantra of -DEVELOPMENT would make it to the power.If not a clean sweep by BJP, surely, the NDA , as a whole, may have formed its Govt in Centre.But,to the astonishment of many political analysts ,major political parties and the common man, Aam Aadmi Party, led by Arvind Kejriwal did immensely well in the Delhi Polls and although they managed 28 seats out of 70,they ended up making their govt in Delhi with the support of Congress. BJP chose to be in the opposition with 31 seats.
However, the results in Delhi gave AAP the confidence to think national. They have chosen 10 states and are aiming 100 seats for the upcoming General Elections. Now,the present scenario assures that those who are fed up of both the BJP and Congress but chose BJP over Congress, may opt for AAP . Moreover,AAP has managed to wake up those sections of voters who considered voting a waste of time.Those who prefer keeping themselves away from politics,all in all,as they felt their votes would hardly make a difference to clean the corrupt politics of India.
Looks like the Pied Piper playing the flute of ‘development in Gujarat’ will have to compete with another Pied Piper playing the flute of ‘Commoners fight against Corruption by Indian politicians’. By the way,what is Rahul Gandhi planning for 2014 GE ? 😀
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    1. A very Happy New Year to you too Piyush! Good to hear from you after long. 🙂 thanks for liking the theme . I was doubtful about its acceptance though.Rahul baba would have better served the country had he been allowed to stay out of politics,i feel. 😀

  1. Hey Jack… after a looooong time eh! Happy 2014! 🙂
    Lovely post.. and omg.. your illustrations have gotten better.. you are like pro now 😀
    and your templete ..theme of the blog.. I love it.. its Halloween-ish look is actually cute 😛 😀
    And look at me I am not even talking about the post here ..lol… Rahul Baba is perhaps planning as to what to plan to plan for 2014 GE 😛

    1. hei !! hows you ? Happy 2014 to you too 🙂 Nice to hear from you after ages!thank you for liking the illustrations.. although I feel amateur ..till date .. lot more than before.Your compliment comes as an energy booster.

      1. Aahh!! modest aar hoshh na… daroon bhabe improve korechhish.. aageyo bhalo chhilo..ekhon toh. it’s wow! .. i’m doubting tui korechish na kaoke diye koriyechhish 😛

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