Priyanka Gandhi the last warrior!

The Allahabad Congress has passed a resolution demanding Priyanka Gandhi/Vadra be contesting polls from Phulpur,once the constituency of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Although, the Congress party has been denying any such involvement of Priyanka,still speculations are strong that she is being kept as the last trump card to be opened closer to the 2014 polls.
Well,Modi seems to be too big a personality to be overshadowed by any Congress leader or member of Gandhi family.
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0 thoughts on “Priyanka Gandhi the last warrior!”

  1. Priyanka is not warrior at all. She is uncultured and does not respect elders. She has the quality of Indira to insult elders. There was nothing wrong when Modi pardoned her saying “she is like my daughter”. It is the quality of elder to forgive younger. Modi showed his high culture.
    But instead of being thankful to Modi, Priyanka treated Narendra Modi as untouchable.
    In fact Modi is quite superior and greater than Rajiv. Unlike Rajiv, Modi has achieved his status with his own efforts and skill. Priyanka is lacking in civic sense.

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