This Dussehra ask yourself

This Dussehra ask yourself.. is Ravana really dead???Did the firework since all these years really kill him inside us ?
Dussehra Cartoon Image of last year
dussehra 2013,ravana cartoon image,ravana funny,,
Some feel its NaMo raj which can give India a better present and a great future while some are simply Β afraid that if in power he will be provoking communal riots on national level and bring unrest. Some blame Congress for corruption and the Gandhi family while some believe all political leaders are same. Have we ever thought, even we are participant of corruption.Equal partners in crime? From small acts of throwing garbage reluctantly on the streets to paying bribes in Government offices , we have promoted anti-patriotic behaviour and disrespect for our OWN India.Β This is the time to think , when we throw garbage on the street, we are dirtying India.When we bribe the Govt guys we are giving away the right to question a corrupt businessman or politician of the nation!For the only difference between a corrupt politician and a corrupt commoner is the level of corruption he is allowed to promote.!!Β 
Jai Hind!!
Like every year, I wish, may the Ravana inside and around us be defeated for a better India and a better world !
Happy Dussehra to all!
dussehra 2013,ravana cartoon image,ravana funny,,

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