Who deserves the Credit?

The controversial Ordinance and proposed Bill to shield convicted lawmakers has been withdrawn after a lot of political drama.The Union Cabinet unanimously decided that both the ordinance with regard to certain sections of the Representation of People’s Act, as well as the Bill would be withdrawn. However, the rush to take the credit of the withdrawal is being made by the opposition party BJP which says it has been protesting the Ordinance since the very beginning.On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi who had trashed the Ordinance by calling it ‘ complete nonsense’ is also being highlighted as a major reason why the withdrawal took place. Well, anyone can take the credit but the fact remains when The Supreme Court had passed on the order whereby the convicted political leaders were banned from contesting or voting, the entire political arena took it too personally.
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0 thoughts on “Who deserves the Credit?”

  1. This was all a pre-planned affair by Congress to Highlight Rahul and nothing else,Our Sonia Mam is very clever indeed..Apne bete ke liye apne workers ki bali de di..
    But it is good that the Ordinance is withdrawn.. 🙂

  2. Of course, credit goes to Dr Singh. He created this problem to prove his loyalty. He had the last laugh, when Rahul Gandhi trashed the ordinance. One more term for Dr Singh as prime minister just got assured.

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