Justice. Delivered!

The fast track court appointed for the 16th Dec 2012 Delhi gang-rape case declared ‘Nirbhaya’ the victim was tortured till the very end and the incident fell into the ‘rarest of rare category‘.Four men have been given the death sentence for the fatal gang-rape of a young medical student on a moving Delhi bus which brought the nation on streets.Previously,one of the six culprits was declared a juvenile during the day of crime and hence was sentenced 3 years in reform home while the bus driver , Ram Singh, was found hanging under mysterious situation in ┬áhis cell.
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0 thoughts on “Justice. Delivered!”

  1. Happy to see that justice (to a large extent) has been delivered in the Nirbhaya case…
    I fear that the fast track court was introduced just to pacify the people before election… There are thousands of cases of crime against women (including rape-murder and murder-by-in-laws) that are not being talked about !!

  2. Thanks to the judiciary system for reinstating our faith in them. But we still have a long way to go….hope we don’t have a Nirbhaya case ever again!

  3. Some relief for the parents. But I’m sure they’ll appeal in higher courts and get away with just a few years. This is just an eyewash before the electi

  4. I am against capital punishment of any form. India is no different then taliban if such punishments are still being meted out in 2013

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