0 thoughts on “Cop Fury”

  1. First of all, I loved your new theme…:)
    It’s sad to know that politicians are using the police force, which is to protect the people, on the layman…Nice doodle..

      1. There is a Saying with Great Powers comes Great Responsibilities but these illiterate Politicians and other Officials is happy being responsible in creating all the chaos…

  2. nice cartoon. I think this theme is better because it loads faster. Loving it so far. 🙂
    This incident was brutal and shocking. There are always rotten eggs in the police force, believing in the old school groomed during the Emergency. Such people have to be severely punished. The CM seems to have given the police a free reign in several things.

    1. hei Manu Sir.. I am too confused about the themes .. I mean the free ones .. 😀 somehow wanted to change the old stuff..
      It was brutal and seemed like the cop was taking out some personal grudge 🙁 Such inhuman acts if not treated strictly promote rebel .. !!!

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